A new MSc in Sustainable change for the start of the 2018 academic year

KEDGE has made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) one of its priorities for excellence by producing high-level academic research that is internationally recognised and permeates through all of its training programmes. Supported by this expertise, KEDGE is strengthening its initial training offering by launching a new Master of Science in Sustainable Change for the start of the 2018 academic year.

“CSR has become a major strategic issue for companies that are committing more and more to social responsibility”, says José Milano, Director General at KEDGE Business School. “It is also in companies’ interests to commit to this change if they want to be in tune with their consumers/the public, and to ensure they conform with national and international regulations on the topic.”

Creating this MSc programme, which is taught entirely in English, meets the demands of an international public seeking high-level expertise in CSR applied to management.
The MSc in Sustainable Change, which is part of the CSR centre of excellence, aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary for creating sustainable change for organisations. In the last two years, 40% of large companies have increased their CSR budget. Companies need employees who master not only the concepts and tools for managing normal business affairs, but also understand the complexity of social, environmental and economic ecosystems. “Alongside the opportunities that can be created through a transition to sustainability, there are multiple barriers to change within and outside of organisations”, explains Elizabeth Franklin-Johnson, research professor of CSR and head of the MSc in Sustainable Change. “Students will be equipped with concrete and tangible solutions to overcome these obstacles and manage changes.”
Practical informations:
Key informations:
•    Admission level: Bachelor's degree (4 years)
•    Duration: 18 months
•    Degree: Master of Science
•    Campus: Marseille
•    Full time in English
•    Approved by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

About the KEDGE CSR Centre of Excellence:
The CSR Centre of Excellence aims to create knowledge in the field of CSR and corporate sustainability, share this knowledge through its teaching activities and conduct research at the highest academic standards that transcends not only disciplinary boundaries but also the division of academic research and corporate practice. The research conducted and the tools and techniques developed by the Centre of Excellence take the responsibilities of companies beyond the common focus on economic responsibilities towards the shareholders. The goal is to be one of the leading academic research centres on CSR and corporate sustainability worldwide.

The members of the CSR Centre of Excellence are also involved in knowledge transfer activities by sharing and disseminating their knowledge on sustainable management practices and strategies amongst professionals and entrepreneurs.

The members of the CSR Centre of Excellence are specialised in research in the following areas:
•    Integration of environmental and social aspects into business strategies and decision-making
•    Measurement and control of corporate sustainability performance
•    Paradoxes, tensions and conflicts between different aspects of CSR and corporate sustainability
•    Individual foundations of CSR and corporate sustainability
•    Communication and reporting of CSR including the use of social media

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