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KEDGE and La Poste have created the La Poste Supply Chain Chair le 29/05/2017

On 17 May, a partnership agreement was signed between La Poste and KEDGE for the creation of the La Poste Supply Chain chair

The La Poste Supply Chain Chair

Philippe DORGE, Manager of La Poste’s Services-Mail-Parcels business unit and José MILANO, Executive VP of KEDGE Business School, have signed a partnership agreement for the creation of the “La Poste Supply Chain Chair” for a 3-year period. 

Goal: to advance research in supply chain management.

As part of this chair agreement, La Poste, which runs France’s leading logistical and industrial network, will be providing KEDGE’s teachers, researchers and students with its first-class Supply Chain experience. It will also be involved in defining the themes for the research and reflection carried out by the school’s professors, doctoral students and engineers in the Supply Chain field.

Additionally, La Poste will be proposing work-study contracts for the students, while for their part the postal staff will be able to benefit from training leading to a qualification, issued by the management school. KEDGE will also be providing La Poste with preferential access to the forward-looking research work carried out by its Centre of Excellence for Supply Chain Innovation and Transport (CESIT).

La Poste is currently investing hundreds of millions of euros to modernise its logistical and industrial network. These investments are vital to meet the challenges of e-commerce and logistics inherent to its customers’ new consumption methods, requirements and usages. This partnership signed with KEDGE will enable La Poste to contribute to research in supply chain management.

For KEDGE, the signature of this partnership agreement fits in well with its strategic plan, focusing on enhancing and marketing its skills and their three-fold impact:

  • Educational
  • Research
  • Business

By producing top-level research, KEDGE is further enhancing the quality of its courses and is also better able to serve corporate partners keen to innovate or review a business model, considering changes in technological, environmental or societal factors.

In the Supply Chain management field, KEDGE is seen as a global standard bearer with its  Centre of Excellence for Supply Chain Innovation and Transport (CESIT) which seeks to develop new methods and organisational concepts in the field of Supply Chain Management (SCM), operations management and transport management.

About La Poste

A 100% publicly owned limited company, the La Poste group is organised into five branches: Services-Mail-Parcels, La Banque Postale, La Poste network, GeoPost, Digital. The group is present in more than 40 countries on 4 continents. As France’s leading local commercial network, each day La Poste’s 17,000 contact points welcome some 1.6 million customers. La Poste distributes just over 23 billion items per annum worldwide (letters, printed advertising material and parcels), 6 days a week. In 2016, the group’s turnover was 23.294 billion euros, of which 22.4% was achieved internationally, and it employs 251,000 staff. Ever closer and more connected, La Poste is accelerating its digital transformation by proposing a range of services based on its role as a universal communications operator. In its strategic plan “La Poste 2020: Conquérir l’avenir” (La Poste 2020: Conquering the Future), the La Poste group has set itself the target of expanding its five business units more quickly and conquering new geographical regions. Working for the benefit of all of us, everywhere and every day, La Poste sees the human factor and trust as being central to its relationship with its customers, to become the leading human proximity service business.

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