Experiential Marketing and Consumption on the MSc Marketing & Brand Management programme le 19/01/2018

From next March, students on the MSc Marketing & Brand Management course will be able to take the particularly innovative new ‘Experiential Marketing and Consumption’ module.
  • Innovative in terms of content:  traditional courses on experiential marketing focus on how a company creates a customer experience at their sales points, mostly based on sensory stimulation. The aim of this module is to develop cutting edge competences in our future graduates which make them stand out by giving them access to the expertise of teacher-researchers from the Marketing Centre of Excellence, whichever campus they attend. The emphasis is therefore on the one hand on the individual or collective experience of customers in contexts created by companies (shops, websites, events, etc.) and on the other hand the experiential consumption which relates to the insertion of certain brands in our social interactions (family, friends, clans, communities, etc.).
  • Innovative in terms of teaching: the learning experiences take the form of on-site sessions, remote sessions via live webinars, and observation and analysis work in the field by applying an ethnographic method to consumer research.

8 teacher-researchers from the Marketing Centre of Excellence participate on this module:

The experiential approach and sectorial focuses and/or themes are organised around four areas:

  • 6 hours of workshops:  “ethnographic method for consumer research”
  • 18 hours of face-to-face lessons with tutors based on the campus
  • 4 live webinars with other tutors 
  • Information gathering in the field as part of a case study focusing on the Apple brand, a benchmark when it comes to customer experience. The students will conduct research to analyse on the one hand the customer experience in the sales point (Apple Marseille and Apple Sainte Catherine), and on the other hand the experience of the brand in their social lives as students. They will present their work at the end of March.

The students will be provided with ‘online expertise’ kits with videos specially created by the tutors for this module, online resources (reference articles, supplementary videos, etc.), deliverables to share online and self-evaluation tools.

This new module enables real sharing of expertise between the teacher-researchers and students on the MSc Marketing & Brand Management course and gives the students a unique opportunity to develop expertise through innovative teaching methods and tools.

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Run by Prof. Boris Bartikowski, the Marketing Centre of Excellence focuses on companies and markets on the one hand (B2B marketing), and consumers and consumption (B2C marketing) on the other.

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