First quarter events for the MSc Marketing

MSc Marketing students enter the year by taking part in experiential contents in addition to their academic curriculum. Essential to the teaching, they connect with the reality of the market and provide an opportunity to network with key companies in the sector.

Meet the Pro

On November 24th, the "Meet the Pro by KEDGE Alumni" cycle will welcome a new alumni of the programme. Solène CHAMBERLIN, a 2021 MSc Marketing graduate, is now Social Media Manager for the RUINART brand within the LVMH group. Armi PIAMONTE, student of the programme, will lead the discussion.

About "Meet the Pro”
The MSc Marketing programme offers 6 "Meet the Pro" sessions per year during the specialisation year. They are an opportunity for current students to meet and interact with recent alumni who can share their experience and give advice.



Another masterclass will be held on 29 November on Marseille campus online by Alltricks to discuss the brand's marketing strategy: "Alltricks - from transactional relationships to emotional brand experiences". Nicolas Burger, Chief Operating Officer at sports retailer Alltricks, will share the transition of the brand's marketing strategy from online retailer to curator of omnichannel consumer experiences.

About Alltricks
Alltricks is a global specialist in the distribution of bicycles, bicycle parts, mountain bike parts and running equipment online.


On 7 December, students will be invited to attend a conference by Kantar on the new threats and opportunities arising from the current economic context: “State of play in France: Between frugality and consumer arbitrage”. In an ever changing environment, French consumers are confronted with challenges that threaten their purchasing power. How are they dealing with this new era of inflation? Do manufacturers need to rethink their marketing strategy to stay in the race? Which consumer trends are sustainable and which could be seriously challenged by the coming economic crisis? Using data from the Consumer Goods Panel and extensive expertise in FMCG brands, Kantar offers its views on these hot topics.

About Kantar
Kantar is a leading data and research institute based on measurement evidence, providing actionable insights and recommendations to its clients worldwide. The company is deeply involved in the programme: its experts not only lead conferences, but also take part in several teaching modules related to market knowledge.

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