Johannes Kraak, Professor at KEDGE, participated in the 2024 Career Division Community Conference in Amsterdam

On April 18th and 19th, 2024, at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the 2024 Career Division Community Conference (CarCon) took place on the theme "Advancing New Directions in Career Research." On this occasion, Johannes Kraak presented two papers.

Two papers written by Johannes Kraak, Centre for Sustainable Development Research Director, were presented at a career-focused conference in Amsterdam.

Following the inaugural event in Vienna in February 2020, the AOM Career Division organised the 2nd edition of the conference. CarCon hosts a local conference dedicated to career research to enable the community to develop high-quality research on careers and foster existing and new collaborations.


It is within this framework that Johannes Kraak presented two articles, each representing a dedicated team of researchers.
The first article, titled "Career Crossroads: Psychological Contract Breach, Engagement, and Turnover Intentions of Aviators," explores the various reasons why aviators in a NATO European air force want to stay with or leave the organisation.

The research team:

  • Dr. Johannes Kraak (KEDGE Business School),
  • Dr. Pierre Barbaroux (Air Force Academy, Salon-de-Provence, France), 
  • Dr. Yannick Griep (Institute of behavioural Sciences, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands),
  • Dr. C. Lakshman (Mount Marty University, United States).

The second article, "Navigating in Silence: An In-depth Analysis of Career Trajectories Among Deaf Individuals," is an exploratory study of the various career transitions experienced by people with deafness.

The research team:

  • Dr. Johannes Kraak (KEDGE Business School)
  • Dr. Neva Bojovic (KEDGE Business School)
  • Dr. Amanda Peticca Harris (Grenoble Business School)
  • Dr. Angela Schill (Utah Valley University, USA)

These conferences offer an ideal opportunity to present and exchange ideas about ongoing projects with other researchers in the field. The insights gained from these interactions help teams better align with theory, adapt the analysis of available data, and/or identify any other relevant themes or aspects that would otherwise remain unexplored.

Furthermore, this type of event brings together experts from around the world, providing unique opportunities for broader discussions about the field and future research projects.