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KEDGE BS MSc Arts & Creatives Industries Management is opening Master Classes le 11/01/2021

On the first semester of 2020, the Arts & Creative Industries Management MSc offered 6 masterclasses as part of each course. All of them featured exceptional guests that shared their path, experience and advice with students in an interactive session.

Back to School seminar

On this exceptionnal year, a back-to-school seminar on the theme of "culture in crisis" was organised with the following guests:
•    Sylvain Lévy, Founder of the contemporary art collection DSL
•    Jean-Michel Tobelem, Director of the Culture Option website and associate professor at the Sorbonne
•    Jean-Michel Puydebat, Director of PV2D, consultant in cultural tourism

Masterclasses all year long

Masterclasses are half day lectures taught by expert in their fields, part of contextualised programmes.
-As part of the "Creation and Creativity" course, Olivier Widmaeir Picasso (grandson of Pablo Picasso and consultant to Picasso Administration) was invited to speak about the artistic heritage of Picasso, the Picasso administration, his view of the world of art today, as well as his job as a TV producer: a meeting of great richness and humility.

"Soon we won't be there anymore, but Picasso will remain Picasso".

Olivier Widmaeir Picasso

-In the "Arts & Heritage management " course, Sophie Makariou, President of the National Museum of Asian Arts Guimet delivered an exciting and generous lesson in understanding her exceptional career, one of the few women to head a "Musée National de France", after having created the Department of Islamic Arts at the Louvre Museum. See insights.
-The “Performing Arts management” course hosted Bernard Faivre d'Arcier, former eminent director of theater of the Ministry of Culture and the Avignon Festival and advisor for numerous festivals. The Festival d'Avignon is the most important theater and performing arts event worldwide by the number of creations and spectators gathered. This masterclass discussed the purpose of a festival for creation and for the territory as well as the importance of artistic direction.
-Waiting for the “Cultural Industries management” course, students also had foretaste with two exceptionnal guests : DJ Falcon, an internationally renowned DJ, collaborated with Daft Punk on several tracks and Frederic Beigbeder, author, literary critic, director, columnist, TV presenter.
-In 2021, the first guest was part of the International Seminar: Aline Sylla-Walbaum, Global Luxury Manager at Christie's. While the MSc is positioned on the valorization of French Arts and Creative Industries, this seminar offers a comparative analysis of management practices with other countries. This brilliant guest offered students a fascinating thematic landscape : strategy of the auctionhouse, key figures (4.4bn of global sales in 2020 in 46 countries), market, trends, sellers, buyers, collectors, Palestinian or African art as emerging markets, luxury, career development, diversity, leadership.

"To manage the arts, one must always give his opinion on art, feel comfortable to say I like or not, not the mimetic opinion of the expert but that of the projet manager who will make it happen, we work together to make it possible"

Aline Sylla Walbaum

The Arts & Creative Industries MSc employment opportunities using these skills are continually reviewed and reinforced throughout the Masterclasses that are part of the curriculum each year.

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