KEDGE MScs students involved in the Climate Day

As part of its KEDGE Impakt strategy, the school is committed to guaranteeing a common foundation for all its students on climate change and its current and future impact on the economic world and on the activity of companies. Since 2021, each student joining KEDGE has the opportunity to participate in a "Climate Day" within their curriculum, including a Climate Fresco workshop and a Teach The Shift conference (The Shift Project). This year, students enrolled in specialised programmes will take part in the "2tonnes" workshop: a simulation carried out in groups, during which each participant is given the opportunity to make several choices (individually and collectively) in order to achieve a carbon footprint of 2 tonnes/person.

An immersive workshop to understand climate issues

2 tonnes is the amount of greenhouse gases emitted per person in a CO2 neutral world. It is also the target to be reached by 2050 to meet the commitments of the Paris Agreement: to keep the global temperature increase below 2 degrees. Created in 2019 and drawing on scientific data from recognised organisations, the 2-Ton Workshop aims to accelerate this transition to a low-carbon society by getting all of society's stakeholders on board. To achieve this, it invites participants to gradually build a low-carbon transition scenario turning participants into public and private decision-makers, giving them the opportunity to test multiple modes of governance to move towards carbon neutrality.

On 10 January, on the Marseille, Bordeaux and Paris campuses, 600 students from KEDGE's MScs programmes will take part in this role-playing exercise. The workshop will be followed by a time of reflection in each of the programmes, to consider how they would like to see carbon issues addressed to a greater extent in their own field of specialisation.

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KEDGE's environmental impact commitments and standards

Sustainability, a key feature of KEDGE's programmes

KEDGE's different generalist and specialised programmes take an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating sustainable development and environmental issues at the heart of their curriculum. The courses allows students to meet the challenges of collective action linked to climate change. To this end, the school has designed two programmes focusing on sustainability in order to train future managers and entrepreneurs in specific fields: the MSc Business Transfomation for Sustainability, and the MSc Sustainable Finance.

KEDGE Impakt strategy

In order to make this promise a reality, KEDGE has implemented the KEDGE IMPAKT strategy. This strategy, aimed at training responsible managers and accelerating the ecological and social transition, is based on 3 pillars that cover all of its activities and its students' paths:

The Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Development

This Centre of Excellence seeks to be a catalyst for responsible business practices and to work towards a better, more sustainable world. Transformational research and education enable this, producing work relevant to academics and practitioners, working and collaborating across disciplines and engaging strongly with all sectors. The Centre has one ambition: to provide the knowledge to train future leaders in sustainable business practice.

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