KEDGE offers a new certification course in digital marketing with Contentsquare

KEDGE Business School has partnered with Contentsquare, the leading Experience Analytics platform, to instruct students of the Digital Marketing & Sales programme in this new technology. This partnership guarantees that students will master the Contentsquare platform and obtain a certificate of qualification highly valued on the job market.

Prestigious Partnership

Contentsquare is the global leader in Digital Experience Analytics. Its AI-based technology transforms behavioural data on user intentions and emotions into recommendations at every stage of their online experience (web, mobile, and apps). This allows businesses to personalise their digital experiences while prioritising their actions and increasing their conversion rate. The platform also contributes to the digital transformation of businesses and improves security, privacy, and digital accessibility.

Contentsquare was founded in Paris in 2012 and now has offices all over the world. It has raised $810 million with leading investors (including Softbank, Eurazeo, Bpifrance, etc.) and supports more than 850 brands in their business development. It is one of the Next40, the list of the most innovative French start-ups.

The first class certified in 2022

Contentsquare and KEDGE Business School believe that learning by doing approach is the best way to prepare students for the challenges they will face as future digital managers. Together, they organized the first training session as part of their recent partnership. As a result, the 54 students of the 2021/2022 class of the Master of Science (MSc) Digital Marketing & Sales have been trained in the Contentsquare digital experience analysis platform. They have learned about the challenges companies face when it comes to the digital experience. The first class was certified after a 12-hour course at the end of March 2022. The same training will be offered next year within the programme curriculum, and eventually in other Masters of Science programmes.

The practice-oriented course started with an introduction and demonstration of the platform, followed by a certification stage. After being trained in the technology use, the students took part in a workshop session to analyse and formalise the proposed audit. The Contentsquare experts demonstrated the use case of the Piaget brand, while the Chief Revenue Officer of the Homair brand came to share his expertise in the area.

During the third session, the participants reported on their analyses. The course was concluded by a ceremony attended by Anil Bernard-Dende, Deputy General Director at Kedge Business School, Nicolas Buttafoghi, Academic Director of the programme, Ziad Nakad, Senior VP Customer Success EMEA at Contentsquare, and Philippe Omer-Decugis, VP Sales Western Europe at Contentsquare.

The shortage of qualified people in the tech sector is a real challenge that we all need to address, whether we are solution providers, user companies, or educational and training organisations. A high level of skills for our future employees is something we all can gain from. In the end, both the private and public sectors will benefit from this, including users, buyers, and citizens whose digital experience can be significantly improved!


This partnership is beneficial in two ways: firstly, the students work on a real-life business case and provide their report to the company associated with the project. This reflects KEDGE's "learn to do, succeed by doing" teaching approach. Secondly, it provides key and innovative skills to our students who will be on the job market tomorrow.


Our goal: students' employability

The partnership between KEDGE Business School and Contentsquare shows a shared vision of the teaching approach. It aims to help these talented students understand the challenges companies face when it comes to user experience (UX), and master the technologies that can be used to achieve their goals.

Therefore, the certification is practice-based, as it involves the identification of an available solution, relevant for businesses in all sectors in France and worldwide to improve the quality of the user experience. The satisfactory experience must combine technological performance, accessibility, and alignment with the companies' commitment to impact, CSR, etc. By providing tomorrow's professionals with these skills, KEDGE is actively addressing the shortage of talents in the Tech sector. This course contributes to boosting the employability of the certified students within private companies using digital solutions, consulting firms, and Contentsquare teams.

The MSc Digital Marketing & Sales programme stands out once more for its innovative approach and its alignment with current market needs.

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