KEDGE organises the 9th edition of the Open Innovation Challenge

At the start of 2023, two sessions of the Open Innovation Challenge are being organised from 23 January to 17 February and from 1 March to 24 March, for KEDGE Business School students.

480 KEDGE students from the Master in Management Grande Ecole and the specialised programmes, MS and MSc in Marseille, Bordeaux and Paris, will take part in the Open Innovation Challenge:

  • from 23 January to 17 February for Master in Management Grande Ecole M1 students
  • from March 1 to March 24 for students following a specialised programme

Grouped into transdisciplinary and transgenerational teams, they will have four weeks to bring to market an invention submitted by one of the 60 companies.

New students for this new edition

While the Open Innovation Challenge has been a tradition for the specialised programmes for the past 9 years, this is a first for our students of the Master in Management Grande Ecole. The objective being to test the challenge on 80 students from the M1 Fast Track  and scale it up in the coming years.

Students from the Master (MSc) Innovation, Transformation, Entrepreneurship will reinforce the Master of Management Grande Ecole teams in Marseille and bring transdisciplinarity.

This one-month event allows the company to innovate in a limited time and for the student to leave his or her frame of reference, his or her comfort zone, and to respond to a concrete project as he or she might do in the professional environment. The diversity of the companies present (start-ups, large groups, biotech, etc.) and the impact of our pedagogical innovation on the companies in our region reinforce our "Grow by doing" pedagogical approach and our position as a school of know-how.


A challenge led by a variety of companies

Over a period of a month, major groups such as L'Oréal, Airbus, Fareva, Auchan, as well as research centres such as the CEA (Leading European player in innovation) will challenge the students on their ability to develop innovative projects. 

The students will also work on topics proposed by start-ups such as XEGEN, a contract research company specialising in bioinformatics and whole genome sequencing (WGS), but also on CSR subjects such as the Saint-Etienne start-up 909 Upcycling, which offers waterproof jackets made from recycled tent fabrics.

The Master of Management grande Ecole students from Bordeaux will be taking part in L'Oréal's Brandstorm challenge for the first time this year which aims to propose innovative solutions in the Metaverse! They will also take part in the Auchan challenge, the objective of which is to propose the role that the group should play in the circular economy.

60 different startups, large groups, small and medium-sized companies, international, national or local companies participating in the challenge is indicative of the dynamism of the KEDGE ecosystem. The entire Corporate Relations, Alumni and KEDGE Entrepreneurship network has been mobilised to offer 84 varied and high-quality assignments to the 450 students taking part in the challenge.

The Open Innovation Challenge aims to put business at the heart of teaching by encouraging students to solve a complex and innovative problem by calling on collective intelligence.

This year again, to reinforce the hybridization of skills and accentuate the digital dimension, Epitech, the leading school for IT expertise, is joining the Open Innovation Challenge for Business by including a dozen of its students in the working groups.

The Open Innovation Challenge is a unique experience during which our students are challenged to solve a complex and innovative problem using collective intelligence. We encourage experimentation, audacity and creativity by developing innovative projects that meet the expectations of companies, from start-ups to large groups.

An important challenge at KEDGE

Throughout the challenge, the students are supervised by experts, thanks to an inductive teaching method that brings out the concepts necessary for the development of each project. They attend coaching sessions, classes, as well as conferences on several topics:

  • Open Innovation
  • Methodology and mission approach
  • Valuation and value capture
  • Innovative business model
  • Intellectual property in open innovation
  • Agile management
  • Financing of innovation
  • Entrepreneurial pitch
  • Neurolearning
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