Top 4 lucrative marketing specialisations in education

Marketing is a dynamic field with numerous career opportunities, from branding and negotiation to international marketing and event management. Navigating this intricate landscape requires careful consideration in choosing the right specialisation during your academic journey. Choosing the right specialisation isn't just about starting your career but aligning your path with your professional goals. Each of them offers unique perspectives that significantly shape your future opportunities. Discover the top four specialisations most sought after by recruiters to guide you towards the marketing jobs of tomorrow.

Brand management: crafting the story of luxury and recognition

Brand management delves into the spheres of luxury and brand recognition. Courses like “experiential branding & consumption” and “communication & creative strategy” enable students to explore the intricacies of building communities around brands. The qualitative & quantitative research modules equip them with robust analytical skills. With an emphasis on trade, in-store marketing, and data analytics, this track nurtures leaders capable of understanding user behaviour and excelling in sales negotiations.

This pathway leads to a dynamic career within prestigious brands and luxury segments. Graduates will be well-equipped to work in marketing departments of major high-end brands or start-ups in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business environments. They're also fit for roles in market research, media, PR, or advertising agencies, seeking marketing professionals capable of identifying consumer insights and employing them in brand communications. Additionally, they are suitable for consulting firms supporting clients in strategic branding decisions, as well as for creative entrepreneurs seeking managers with a strong business background familiar with their industry.

Negotiation & key account management: mastering the art of deals

For those inclined towards commercial and buying roles, negotiation & key account management specialisations provide a deep understanding of b2b relationships. Courses such as “selling to business customers”, “CRM cloud-based solutions”, and “negotiation for key account managers” enable students to become adept at driving successful negotiations and sales leadership. While positions in this sector are demanding, they offer many benefits, including opportunities for career growth in almost any industry, exposure to different areas of the company, and financial rewards.

Graduates who pursue this specialisation possess strong relationship management skills, demonstrate adaptability across diverse contexts, and embrace a global perspective. They can secure positions such as account manager, business developer, commercial roles, customer success manager, digital marketing analyst, hr business partner, senior account executive, and trade advisor.

International marketing – expansive career horizons

The international marketing track encompasses modules such as "cultural branding and communication in global markets", "intercultural management", and "market intelligence in global markets". These courses are designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of global business environments, offering insights into cultural differences and conducting international business. Pursuing a master's degree in this field broadens the spectrum of potential job opportunities across various roles.

Graduates can explore careers as international marketing directors, international economists, business development managers, international trade and customs managers, policy advisors, management analysts, marketing managers, human resources officers or managers, PR account executives, sales executives, compliance officers, digital marketers, media planners, and financial traders, among others. These positions span diverse functions within global businesses, providing different scopes and responsibilities for professionals in these roles.

Communication & event management: nurturing creativity in unique markets

Students pursuing communication & event management can explore a diverse range of courses focusing on communication strategies, event management, and specificities of different markets. This specialisation introduces students to new event management professions and immerses tomorrow's managers in the various challenges of organising international events. The solid skills imparted, notably in creativity and legal specifics, enable students to conceptualise, plan, and implement events within any type of organisation.

This diverse, industry-relevant training, including practical experiences, equips graduates for roles such as event coordinators, entertainment managers, international marketing managers, digital strategy directors, production managers, community managers, aligning their career trajectory within the field of communication and event management.

Bridging aspirations with high-quality education at KEDGE

The world of marketing is a multifaceted realm, and the right specialisation can be your key to a successful career. KEDGE business school’s Master of Science in marketing - available in Bordeaux, Marseille, and Paris - encompasses these diverse tracks, preparing students for dynamic and competitive marketing landscapes. Each of the 4 specialisation not only equips students with academic prowess but also hones their employability skills, offering a platform for a thriving career in the marketing domain.