MSc Banking & Finance and Corporate Finance students meet with top financial institutions Bpifrance, UBS & Euronext

In early April, the MSc Business & Finance and MSc Corporate Finance students from KEDGE Business School embarked on a study trip in Paris to delve into the intricacies of renowned financial institutions such as Bpifrance, UBS Credit Suisse and Euronext.

Exploring key players in the financial landscape

On April 2nd and 3rd, students from KEDGE Business School's Finance programmes embarked on an enriching educational journey to Paris, marking a significant milestone in their academic pursuits. Led by Pierre Casanova (Head of the MSc Corporate Finance) and Pierre Gruson (Head of the MSc Banking & Finance), a group of 66 aspiring finance professionals seized the opportunity to visit esteemed institutions including Bpifrance, UBS Credit Suisse, and Euronext.

The visit started at Bpifrance, a prominent French public investment bank and state-owned enterprise dedicated to supporting French businesses through a range of financial and advisory services. Bpifrance plays a crucial role in bolstering the growth of local enterprises by offering an array of financial solutions such as loans, guarantees, equity investments, and support for export development. 

The day kicked off with a presentation by Méryl Mputu, an HR representative, who provided insightful statistics about Bpifrance's operations. This was followed by an elucidating session by Paul Jaulin, the export division manager, who delved into Bpifrance's pivotal role in assisting companies on the global stage. The visit concluded with Jean Alaux Lorain, an investment manager, shedding light on Bpifrance's strategic stakes and investments across various sectors.
Throughout the sessions, students actively engaged with the speakers, asking numerous questions and gaining valuable insights from their experiences. The conference ended  in a convivial cocktail reception, providing an ideal platform for further networking opportunities among the students and industry professionals.

The day continued with a visit to UBS, a renowned Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company esteemed for its global prominence. 
The proceedings began with a comprehensive presentation by Yann Bertrand, offering insights into the investment bank's activities and its operations specifically in France. Following this, Antoine Thevenot, M&A manager, shared his expertise, discussing his pivotal role in this dynamic field and outlining the essential qualities required for success. Subsequently, Solange Ducommun, the head of wealth management for the bank, elaborated on her role and provided valuable perspectives on the expectations within this domain.
Concluding the conference, Brian Rall introduced Holt, the platform utilised at KEDGE for our upcoming end-of-April Challenge. This segment was particularly engaging, offering students a deeper understanding of the intricate world of investment banking, exemplified by the operations and practices of UBS.

The day concluded with a visit to Euronext, the esteemed pan-European stock exchange and pivotal market infrastructure facilitating connections between European economies and global capital markets. During the visit, students had the opportunity to gain firsthand insights into Euronext's operations and its significance in the financial landscape. They explored the intricacies of market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and the broader impact of Euronext on the European and global economy.

Study trips: a win-win opportunity

The study trip provided invaluable insights into the inner workings of these esteemed organisations and the wider finance industry
Through stimulating dialogues with industry experts and firsthand observation of global financial markets, every instance proved enlightening and motivating. Students transcended traditional classroom learning, immersing themselves in the realities of the financial world. As the trip draws to a close, these future financial professionals return to KEDGE equipped with a wealth of knowledge and a heightened comprehension of global investment dynamics.

For companies hosting students, study trips are the opportunity to identify new talents, inform students about recruitment opportunities as well as promote their brand.

Those gathering exemplifies the vibrant learning ecosystem cultivated at KEDGE Business School, where industry experts and students converge to exchange insights, provoke critical thinking, and foster innovation. It epitomises the essence of the MSc Corporate Finance and Banking & Finance programme, which aims not only to educate but also to empower the next generation of finance leaders.

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