PHD Days: a meeting between doctoral students on the KEDGE Marseille campus

KEDGE PHD students met on 5 and 6 June 2023 for study days, presentations and discussions on their research.

KEDGE PHD students meet in Marseille

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Every year, KEDGE PHD students get together for PHD Days. This year they were welcomed on 5 and 6 June 2023 on the Marseille campus for days of exchange and sharing around their research work. For these young researchers, these milestones in their academic careers are opportunities to discuss their practices and get a fresh perspective on their research.

5 June 2023

Session supervised by Julien Hanoteau  

  • Mengyao Sun, Employee voice in China: exploring the nature and characteristics of employee voice and how to enhance voice endorsement in Chinese context
  • Maria Teresa Uribe Jaramillo, Business for peace: tracing Business-Society peace-building interactions in Colombian PDET territories
  • Marlena Ciszek, Second-hand luxury fashion consumption as a contributor to sustainable consumption
  • Togan Kilic, Morally Unjust? Effects of Mindfulness on Justice Enactment in Organizations through Moral Disengagement          

Session chaired by Ralf Barkemeyer

  • Alice Thébault, Political dynamics and economic impacts of the designation of a Mediterranean Emission Control Area, a new environmental policy to reduce maritime SOx emissions
  • Svetlana de Chabot, Supply chain management: Practising social inclusion and diversity in emerging countries and assessing the impacts on upstream supply chain
  • Alicia Gallais, Social responsibility in the wine industry

6th June 2023

Under the direction of Jason Monios

  • Billy Lin, Alpha Packages: The Success Packages for SMEs' Global Expansions : Global Strategies, Managerial Practices, Implementation and Leaderships
  • Ali Nazarinia, A study on Eco-Innovation Process and Networks
  • Lael Alvarez Verdejo, Optimal location of charging infrastructure for electric buses
  • Daniil Khachai, Optimal Algorithms for Routing Problems with Specific Constraints 

Session led by Ralf Barkemeyer

  • Kitchen Hong, Analysis on how digitalization influences food bank and food waste
  • Luciano Nepomuceno Carvalho, Enabling and Inhibiting Roles of Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability
  • Angie Ramirez, Multimodal transportation for urban parcel delivery systems

Session chaired by Peter von Staden

  • Diana Arcila Perdomo, Memory Distortion and its impact on customer behavior
  • Noémie Dehling, Consuming silence in a world of noise: meanings, value and functions of silence in the consumer experience
  • Mickael Gaury, New models and solution approaches to humanitarian logistics problems and hospital care

Session chaired by Ralf Barkemeyer

  • Jagannath Sanyal, Exploring the digital consumer experience of FANDOM Culture
  • Bouchra Bacha, Impact of stores and customers' inventory decisions on food waste

  Session chaired by Chi Zhang

  • Claire Lamoureux, Determining factors of wineries' performance, example of wine tourism implementation
  • Saoussane Shrir, A framework toward sustainability goals in a supply chain 4.0 ecosystem
  • Domenic Winfrey, Luxury Brands in the Circular Economy: understanding the implications of incorporating sustainable practices in a luxury context
  • Dejan Zec, Public perceptions and evaluations of sustainability issues, actions and policies related to UK pharmaceutical companies by the mainstream media outlets 2000- 2020: Media agenda setting and inter-stakeholder translation

Students in the PHD programme were also able to take part in a special workshop on academic writing led by Tobias Hahn, as well as several social events including a hike in the calanques and a meeting of the programme's student association.

Why join the PHD programme?

The KEDGE PHD programme enables young researchers to become teacher-researchers.
By joining this programme, students are affiliated to a research centre which gives them the opportunity to develop and enrich their research career by publishing articles in renowned academic journals and participating in research projects under the supervision of senior KEDGE professors.