Summer Schools: #4 reasons to study in Marseille le 23/03/2017

“While thinking about destinations for great summer holidays, you see the possibility to follow KEDGE Summer School courses in Marseille. "School in summer?!" you probably thought. YES, the Kedge Summer School programme is a unique opportunity to mix business with pleasure. Both the school and city are amazing, and here we have selected some compelling reasons to convince you to join us here!

The following editorial was written by International students studying at KEDGE


Here, in the South of France, enjoy the full beauty of a Mediterranean summer. The weather here is stunning (think lots of vitamin D), the perfect place to pick up a great suntan! In addition, there are numerous beaches right in the city – visit them all and pick to your own taste! Then you have the Calanques, (the fjords of Southern France). These breath-taking natural landscapes are one of the must-sees in Marseille that you will remember for your entire life!


Once in France, eat what the French do! In Marseille you can explore local French food, especially the well-known Mediterranean seafood. You must try the famous fish soup (Bouillabaisse) prominent in this region, but much more, like traditional fresh pastries, wine from the local region, olives and fresh produce from the local markets, Pastis, and all kinds of cheese!


As students, we know that when travelling we want to experience some great things! Marseille is a great place to explore, with no time to sit still. In 2013, Marseille was the European Capital of Culture, and in 2017 is the European Sports Capital. There are all kinds of activities from A to Z! You can join tribunes of cheering Olympique de Marseille soccer fans in the Stade Velodrome (the recently renovated local arena), go to the nearby Côte d’Azur (also known as the French Riviera), explore the perched medieval villages in the Provence region, dance to the beats of DJs in the bars, take a sea kayak along the coast, or do yoga at sunset at the beach - whatever suits you most!


As we said, the Summer School mixes pleasure with business. Why not to get credits while enjoying the Mediterranean sun and Marseille landscapes? KEDGE is an international business school, ranked as one of the best in France and in Europe. It offers a wide range of summer programs to suit many interests (read more), and also gives you a great opportunity to meet young and active students from all over the world! Both professors and students all have international backgrounds. It is what makes the school so international and special to be here!

If now you feel both excited and intrigued, it is a good sign! We are looking forward to seeing you during the KEDGE Summer School so you can witness all this for yourself! We are certain you will enjoy all the perks of being a KEDGE student, as much as we do! So chop chop - check out the Summer School programs here, and get your suitcase packed with summer clothes!”

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