Things You Have to Know Before Coming to Marseille le 05/04/2017

Before coming to a new city, it’s always good know beforehand what you should take into account. So, we’ve put together some essential information useful for those joining the Kedge International Summer School in Marseille this year. We hope it helps you out!

1. Clothing

Marseille is well known for being one of the warmest parts of France, and temperatures during the summer will be on average 30 °C or higher (86 °F) with low humidity. However, warm clothes can come in handy in case the famous ‘Mistral’ winds pick up when you’re out exploring the beautiful Calanque National Park, or you’re out for a cool evening on the beachfront.

2. Transportation

There are several sources of public transportation in Marseille that can be used, which make getting around easy. Know that there are preferential prices for students on the buses, metro and the tramway, which make them the best way to get around the city. The price for a single fare is 1.50 €, and one ticket can be used for up to an hour, no matter how many times you switch buses or transfer to a metro or tram. You also have a system of public bikes (called ‘le Velo’), which you can rent across the city, picking up and dropping off as you like. Bike prices are cheap also: the first 30 minutes are free, and after 30 minutes, you are charged 50 cents per hour.

3. Around Marseille

One of the best parts about “Marseille” is its proximity to so many fantastic places nearby. You can hop on the high speed ‘TGV’ train and be in central Paris in 3 hours. You’re about 4 ½ hours from Barcelona, 3 hours from Italy, or you can be in the amazing French Alps in 2 – 3 hours. But even just next door, you have so much to do! There’s the beautiful city of Aix-en-Provence just a 30 minute (4 euro) bus ride away. And if you want to go a bit further, you can hop down the French Riviera coast, hitting hot spots like St Tropez, Antibes, Cannes, Nice and Monaco!

4. Restaurants

France is well-known for delicious food and joining the Kedge Summer School in Marseille gives you the opportunity to prove that this stereotype is, in fact, true. We’ve provided some prices below for reference to give you an idea of the price of a meal for one person:

  • A typical French breakfast (croissant / baguette / coffee or tea): 3 to 5 €
  • Snacks (sandwiches / takeaway): between 5 and 15 €.
  • A bigger ‘sit-down’ meal: from 15 to 35 €.
  • Fine dining: between 35 and 90 €.
  • A ‘Michelin Star’ restaurant: 150 € and up.

Also, know that the Kedge Summer School lodges students in Apart-Hotels in central Marseille, which are equipped with small kitchens and fridges. So, you can go to the local market and buy your food to cook at home (Hint: don’t forget to try all the cheeses, yogurts, seafood, cured meats, chocolates, cookies…)

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