Why do a PhD in management at KEDGE Business School?

Do you consider doing a PhD in management science and are you particularly interested in research activities? Doing a PhD is possible at KEDGE Business School.

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What is a PhD in Management Science?

What level of study is required to do a PhD in management science?

A prerequisite for PhD studies in Management Science is a Master's degree (MSc, MA or equivalent) at the five-year degree level (bac+5). The PhD is aimed at students who have studied management, either at a business school or university.

Where can I enrol in a PhD in management science?

It is possible to study towards a PhD at a university's research unit, or at the Doctoral Programme of a management school such as KEDGE Business School. For instance, at KEDGE Business School, the PhD Programme includes PhD students from all world regions. Their research projects cover a wide range of topics within the field of management science.

What is a PhD in management science about?

As a broad field of research, management science includes organisational sciences, human and social sciences, human resources, and management strategy. At KEDGE Business School's Doctoral School, each PhD in management science is closely linked to one of the fields of expertise of the school's faculty.

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How does a thesis in a Doctoral School work?

Writing a thesis in management science

Doing a PhD thesis in management research requires at least 3 years of research work. The thesis consists of three academic articles and an overview document. Each PhD student is co-supervised by two KEDGE professors whose research expertise aligns with the thesis topic.

Teaching obligations

Funded PhD students in KEDGE Business School's PhD Programme receive a salary in return for their research work and teaching activities. As a research assistant, the PhD student is expected to cover a certain number of teaching hours each year.

Writing academic papers

As potential faculty members, PhD students are actively involved in the activities of the research Centre of Excellence they are associated with. Co-writing articles in academic journals is an integral part of any PhD project.

What are the career opportunities of a PhD in management science?

Which jobs does a PhD in management science prepare you for?

PhDs in management sciences mostly devote their careers to research, teaching and innovation- related activities. You will be research-driven, an established expert in your specific research domain and typically be academic faculty at an international university or similar higher education institution, e.g.

  • managing a research unit
  • directing research work
  • applied research

How do I join KEDGE Business School's Doctoral School?

Would you like to join our Doctoral School and contribute to KEDGE Business School’s research activities? We have an annual recruitment cycle with 12 funded positions to be filled in September of every year. Application to our Doctoral School is based on a portfolio of documents and an in-depth interview. If shortlisted for the interview, you will present your research proposal to a jury that includes the Director of the Doctoral School as well as KEDGE academic faculty, including potential supervisors of your research.

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