International Trade & Logistics

Master the commercial and strategic challenges of transport & logistics in an international environment


Studies level – required diploma:

  • For the students entering in preparatory year (first year of master), degree level diploma required or equivalent 180 ECTS score
  • For the students entering in specialized year (second year of master), first master validated or international bachelor diploma (master degree corresponding to 4 years of studying) or equivalent of 240 ECTS score. On exemption for the students owner of a degree level or an equivalent with a high quality of studying or professional experience which garantee the excellence of the educational experience.

Admission process:


You need to connect on

We’ll get back to you within 15 days maximum


  • CV
  • Copy of your passport
  • Highest degree certification
  • Certificate of achievement or transcript of your current studies
  • Assessment of English level: You must take an English test with a minimum score of : TOEFL ≥ 500 / IBT ≥ 80 / TOEIC ≥ 750 / IELTS ≥ 5,5. Exemption Case: English native speakers are exempt from the English test. Similarly, non-English speakers may be exempt from the English test if you provide proof of an equivalent level of English validated by a significant experience of at least one year in an English-speaking country, during your studies or through professional experience. In all cases, your level of English will also be assessed at the motivational interview if you are eligible.
  • 120 euros of application fee to pay online to send your application. (Prior to submitting your online application, you will be prompted to pay the non-refundable application fee. The application fee must be paid online by credit card when you submit your application. Your application will not be complete until we receive payment of the application fee. The application fee may not be applied toward any future applications at KEDGE Business School.)

NOT MANDATORY - Other documents

  • Other degree
  • Recommandation/Cover letter
  • University/school certificate
  • GMAT / GRE score will be to the candidate’s advantage


This is a 30-minute Skype interview for all applicants regardless of their nationality or location. As soon as your application file is registered, you will receive an email from KEDGE to organise your interview.


IMPORTANT: Apply as soon as possible because of the visa procedure.

The admission is made on your file examination + skype interview.

Admissions’s schedule :

Selection period for the next school year 2018 will be from october to july. The applications form and interviews will be planified one by one to give a feedback to the candidates as soon as possible. The admissions results for the complete files and interviews will be communicate by email in 5 working days and the applicants will be invited to pass a skype session within 15 days. The admissions results will be given next. The selection period will be close as soon as the programm will get his quota of new students for the school year. We encourage to apply during the selection period.

Tuition fees

MSc in 1 year

International Bachelor's degree - 4 years

Admission on record

18 months - Master of Science (MSc)

€ 12500

MSc in 2 years

Bachelor's degree - 3 years

Admission on record

30 months - Master of Science (MSc)

€ 21000


At KEDGE, we strongly believe that students shouldn’t abandon their education projects because of funding concerns. That is why we have launched a financial support plan aimed specifically to help international students. 4 types of scholarships are available:

- Early Bird waiver - Distinction scholarship
- Achievement scholarship - Outstanding student trophy




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