Bordeaux Associations


The confederation of associations

KEDGE’s Confederation of Associations represents all the associations on the Bordeaux campus. It is the “association of associations” and represents the 23 Presidents.

It has a board comprised of 4 people with a President, a General Secretary, a Treasurer and an Events Manager.

The Confederation acts as a link between the administration and the associations, but is also there to support members of the associations with legal, economic and organisational problems. The Confederation also deals with professionals, an accountant and a lawyer, who work with KEDGE’s associations, and meet each association at least once a year.

However, the Confederation also handles a number of key activities throughout the year, such as:

  • The organisation and distribution of association events during the year.
  • The Kick-Start Weekend this year in Bordeaux, which enables the associations to meet their counterparts from other campuses.
  • The management and delimitation of association recruitments for the new year.
  • In addition to the distribution of the subsidies provided by the School.


The Associations

The 3 offices (BDE, BDA and BDS) are elected by the student community after a month of campaigning. A maximum of 2 lists of candidates face off during the final stages of the elections for each of these 3 offices. 
The Associations’ Council (CDA - Conseil des Associations) coordinates all of the association-run events held on the campus.

As the figurehead of student life at KEDGE Bordeaux, the BDE (Student Office) organises student life on the campus. It coordinates and organises various leisure activities and promotes opportunities for students to meet and share interests, to encourage integration for all.
The BDE jointly organises integration seminars and the end-of-year Gala event. 

Promoting and disseminating Art in all its forms: this is the goal of the Arts Office (the Bureau des Arts or BDA). Highlighting emerging talent, the BDA encourages students to develop and explore a love of art with classes and performances all year round. Including music, the graphical arts, dance, theatre, improvisation and photography, we seek to develop and enrich your creativity.

The BDA organises several major events enabling you to perform on stage before a large audience in prestigious performance venues. This is the case with the Expression Evenings (evenings dedicated to all forms of artistic expression), the KOMU (KEDGE BS’ annual musical) or the TDA (the inter-school arts award in Barcelona).

Throughout the year, the Sports Office (BDS) manages students’ sporting lives and provides the possibility to enjoy multidisciplinary sporting activities.

It provides daily training activities. It organises student competitions and prepares for university competitions:

  • The University championship
  • Coupe de France des ESC (French business schools’ cup)
  • Ecricome Challenge
  • Garonne Derby

Inter-student sporting events and competitions provide an opportunity to fly the flag for KEDGE BS.

Extérieur Nuit promotes the cinematographic arts throughout the year by organising several film-themed events: free previews for subscribers, cinema debates, short film evenings in a bar: the Levrette Café, a fun event where you can discover several film environments: “Intérieur Jour”, and a new project: an open-air screening followed by a concert.

In addition to events, for the last three years the association has also had a production division which jointly produces professional short films and audiovisual content for partners (advertising, after-movies) as well as videos to be shown on its YouTube channel.

Above all however, each year Extérieur Nuit is synonymous with the BORDEAUX EUROPEAN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, which will be celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year. So what is this festival? The screening of films over two days with more than 30 short films from all over Europe competing. The winning short films are then chosen by a jury comprised of cinema professionals, including film-makers, actors or YouTube video makers.

As KEDGE BS’ fashion association in Bordeaux, KEOS has the task of promoting the worlds of fashion and luxury within the school and throughout the wider Bordeaux region.

It organises numerous showcase events: an after work event at Mama Shelter, a StreetWear evening at the Citadium but also the Young Designers fashion parade, an underground fashion evening or an annual trip to one of the fashion industry’s key cities (Milan, Berlin, etc.).

We also organise meetings with professionals from the fashion world.

Start It is the musical association at KEDGE Business School Bordeaux. Its key strength is the diversity of its members and their shared passion for music.
The association promotes music through its various sections. The purpose of Start It is to promote music at KEDGE, but also more widely in Bordeaux through articles published on our Webzine, radio programmes broadcast on campus or the organisation of concerts. 
The association’s flagship event Pep’Hit rounds off the year by proposing a programme which always offers something new to be discovered. It brings together the different styles highlighted during previous concerts.

Its activities and dynamism make AOC one of the largest student wine associations in France. It includes the promotion of regional culture, wine tastings and excellent opportunities to discover the Bordeaux vineyards.

The wine-themed activities begin with a wine weekend, continuing with conferences organised in partnership with the major chateaux and culminate with the Vin’4 Heures Rally, the famous wine-tourism rally for students.

Cook’It is the culinary association at KEDGE Bordeaux and seeks to help students at the school discover cooking through different events and activities. Being part of Cook’It, means being part of a large happy family where conviviality and pleasure are the watchwords! Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast, a star-rated chef or simply a food lover, everyone is welcome at Cook’It! Come along and meet us throughout the year at our flagship events: the Cookitator, the progressive dinner and Master Cook’It.

Each year, the association produces a free guide listing all of Bordeaux’s best establishments: a handy reference to help you find the best addresses. Including restaurants, bars and shops of all kinds: this guide is published each year and more than 40,000 copies of it are circulated throughout the Bordeaux region.

With its sofas, bar, video games and terrace, Le Ber’kail is the association cafe at KEDGE BS Bordeaux, a key part of association life at the school where students, tutors and administrative staff can meet up every day for a coffee.

Whatever the time of day, it proposes sandwiches, drinks and coffee, in addition to PlayStations and table football for the school’s students.

As KEDGE Business School’s student forum, Forum Events is the association which promotes culture, news and debate on the Bordeaux campus. Founded in 1997, this association organises numerous events throughout the year.

Forum Events encourages debate through conferences on the campus; promotes culture through a newspaper comprised of in-depth articles, satirical features and other content, but also organises oratory and debate events (inter-association or otherwise), or those related to general knowledge.
As an example, for the year 2017-2018, Forum Events welcomed the following for conferences: Mr Sébastien Liébus, Joint-founder of Legorafi; the Minister of Sport Laura Flessel; Andréa Debbane, Vice-President of the Airbus Group and Philippe Martinez, Secretary General of the CGT.
Our association has incubated two national and international licences: Eloquentia and TEDx.

As KEDGE BS’ geopolitics association, SimONU’s activities include the following three missions:

  • Promoting the United Nations and its operations
  • Participating in simulated UN General Assembly meetings, providing a forum for ideas and debate.
  • Keeping students briefed about the United Nations’ latest news.

The UN simulations, commonly referred to as the MUN (Model United Nations) are particularly useful to anyone planning an international career. More than 1500 of them are organised globally each year. SimONU visits Washington, London, Prague or New York, currently the world’s largest MUN, organised at UN headquarters. There, we meet students from the world’s most prestigious universities.

The reporters from Com’on cover all of the school’s events with their film cameras and photographic cameras. These news clips are then compiled together in news bulletins, broadcasted continuously on giant screens. Com’on also awards the KEDGE Awards at the end of the year during an evening event worthy of any Oscars ceremony.

A member of the AIESEC organisation’s network, the Bordeaux branch recruits and assigns students for internships abroad and humanitarian projects. As the world’s largest NGO, AIESEC is a useful professional springboard for those keen to add an international aspect to their career and to open a doorway to the rest of the world.

Since 2005, the association has developed a network of professionals worldwide to assist with the task of finding internships.

Would you like to travel? To discover cultures all around the world? When you join Melting Potes, you’ll discover a valuable experience which helps develop your career, not to mention exotic evenings and above all a second family. The main objective of Melting Potes is to pass on our enthusiasm for Bordeaux to foreign students, and to help them discover French eccentricity. The help we provide is extremely valuable and we support them from the moment they step off the plane. During the day, we answer their questions about their new life and in the evenings we help them to blend in and get to know one another thanks to numerous evening events. Our events are varied and always focused on a wish to help people discover culture: as an example, we organise a Chinese new year event in addition to discovery day trips to Bordeaux’s wine producing chateaux and around sixty other events.

For more than 48 years, the Junior-Entreprise association has provided consultancy services including market research, business plans or social audits, for clients ranging from business creators and start-ups to major accounts. As a member of the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises (CNJE) and the holder of awards for the excellence of its management, the association has been ISO-9001 certified since 2004. It’s perfect for anyone keen to explore the corporate world and boost their professional skills.

Founded in 1994, Transaction is the financial association at KEDGE BS. It is aimed at students wishing to learn more about the complex world of finance or to gain useful experience in a dynamic and professionally stimulating association.

Transaction organises numerous events such as a trip to London, the Finance Trade Fair, conferences with celebrities from the worlds of politics and finance, or the Trading Cup, a competition in which several business schools participate. Before the exam periods, the association also proposes tutoring in Accountancy, in Finance and in Management Control, to help students understand these modules and succeed.

Developing your network: the goal of every business school student. This is what the Kedger Network proposes by organising cultural and sporting events designed to encourage dialogue between professionals and the managers of tomorrow.
Among these events, each year the association organises the KEDGE River Cup, a water sports day with sailing boats and jet skis on the Garonne or Open Art, an artistic evening with a specific main theme.

Bee’Activ is a Job Service which helps companies obtain qualified staff for paid operational assignments (street marketing, sales promotion, etc.), while also enabling KEDGE BS students to add to their training in the field and to extend their personal network.

Bee’Activ’s members build up a genuine network of contacts with companies throughout the region, making it possible to propose paid assignments for students via their partners.

ACCEDE is an association specialising in consultancy services for companies. By providing market research, business plans and legal support, it helps business people with new projects to turn their ideas into reality, right through to the financing stage.

Additionally, the association also organises numerous one-off events throughout the year involving leading stakeholders in the company creation process.
ACCEDE is also behind the creation of the KEDGE Bordeaux business nursery and of the region’s largest competition for entrepreneurs: Le Millésime De La Création.

Proposing promotional sweatshirts, association pullovers or pens, Ca’Store is the official store and procurement centre for KEDGE BS Bordeaux.

Divided into 5 sections, it plays a central role in student life and is in constant contact with all of the associations and sports teams. The 60 m2 store proposes KEDGE BS themed products.

The association helps young people aged 15 to 29 years old suffering from cancer to make plans for the future. It provides them with the motivation and skills of its students, who help them to prepare a personal action plan during their treatment and to implement it. It’s a wonderful opportunity for young people to get involved in a community-spirited initiative.

Divided into two sections, Solid’Earth passionately defends important values by raising awareness among students of the need for environmental responsibility and international solidarity.
The first section, focusing on local solidarity, promotes alternative consumption methods (sale of organic food hampers, ethical beauty products, etc.), and raises awareness of community-spirited causes (blood donations, sustainable development, disability, etc.). Solid’Earth also has its own CSR consultancy business in contact with the school’s associations and companies.
The second section, focusing on international solidarity, is organised around 6 projects implemented in different parts of the world.

Combining altruism, social commitment and a willingness to pass on knowledge, Archim’aide works to promote equal opportunities. Providing more than just school tutoring, the association seeks to forge links between young people, via leisure and sporting activities.

This involves tutoring with young people by providing them with private classes or various events such as an orienteering course to enable schoolchildren to discover the heritage sites of the Bordeaux region.

Diambars seeks to turn a passion for sport into a driving force for education. The association organises cultural and sporting events to generate interest among young people from deprived areas and encourage their integration within the world of work.

The association also has a humanitarian project in Senegal, which seeks to provide educational supplies to a Senegalese school while at the same time stimulating the local economy

As part of an international network, it has many connections abroad (Senegal, South Africa, etc.)

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Pyrenees range, Aquitaine is simply perfect for surfing, sliding and snow sports. Whether you’re into surfing, skating, wakeboarding, skiing or snowboarding... the region has it all! Wax It encourages slide sports on all kinds of terrain in a spirit of togetherness and mutual respect.

All year round we are keen to share our passion and to enjoy exciting moments together on the water or on the snow! In particular, the association organises 3 major events during the year: the Frisky Dayz: a skiing-themed stay for KEDGE students; Le Grand Air: a national big ramp skating competition; and finally, the After School Contest: a national surfing competition for students.

Additionally, our Kedge Sailing Team brings together sailing enthusiasts. Among other things, the annual programme includes trips out to sea and participation in the EDHEC Cruise Race !

Excitement, pushing yourself to the limit, discovery, sharing and an adrenaline rush: this is the "Adré” spirit. Throughout the year the association proposes a selection of extreme sports for adventure lovers including rafting, canyoning, bungee jumping and skydiving.

Among other things it organises the Journées de l’Extrême (Extreme Days - JEX) including bungee jumping, diving and parachuting... And the KEDGE Pekin Express Tour (KET).

KMC, the car and motorbike association at KEDGE helps students share their shared passion for these activities. Numerous events are organised throughout the year, based on 3 themes: leisure activities with outings to enjoy go-karting and motorcycling, exciting exhibitions and the 4L Trophy and services to students with special offers to help you gain your motorcycle or driving licence, plus special KMC benefits and road safety.