Marseille Associations


The confederation of associations

KEDGE’s Confederation of Associations represents all the associations on the Marseille campus. It is the “association of associations” and represents the 24 Presidents of each association.

The board comprises 4 members, a President (Ezra Bulut), a General Secretary (Claire Toche), Treasurer (Hakim Chaibeddra-Tani) and an Event Manager (Natacha Cazenave-Lacrouts).

The Confederation acts as a link between the administration and the associations, and is there to support members of the associations with legal, financial and organisational problems. In order to provide the most comprehensive support, the Confederation also works in collaboration with a lawyer and an accounting firm.

The Confederation plays a key role in the life of an association:

  • It manages the organisation of the school's events during the year.
  • It organises and  manages the association's recruitment for the new year.
  • It organises the Kick-Start Weekend this year in Marseille, which enables the associations to meet their counterparts from other campuses.
  • It helps the  associations reviewing and adjusting all accounts before the end of the fiscal year.
  • It works in collaboration with the CDA (Confederation of Associations) in order to allocate budget to the different associations in all campuses.

The Associations

Président : Chloé REINERO

At the heart of the student life (the Bureau des Élèves or BDE), we take care of the cohesion and federation of students through various events throughout the year, such as the largest fresher's weekend in France including 1400 students, the Christmas gala, evenings out, activities & attractions on campus and the organisation of the electoral campaign.

The School Office second purpose is the provision of services for students. As a direct intermediary between all students and the campus administration, the School Office has a role to play by representing the school’s 4,000 students. It also seeks out the best suppliers and service providers to help you benefit from special offers.

As a social centre, all students can enjoy its superbly laid out terrace, table football game, sofas, games consoles and various other games.

Président : Arthur SIMON -

Le Foyer des Élèves is the school’s association bar, where you’ll find a wealth of products for everyone at reduced prices. Above all, Le Foyer is one of the school’s main social area. Teachers, collaborators and students can meet up to relax, chat, work or play video games while making the most of the different little snacks and drinks available at affordable prices.

Numerous events are organised by Le Foyer, whether in Le Foyer itself or off-site, such as the “bar and nightclub evenings”, KEDGE awards, coffee debate hour to name but a few.

What’s more, Le Foyer is an association which works in partnership  with 30+ partners in order to provide products and services to students at reduced prices (such as festivals, nightclubs, banks, insurance compagnies).

We look forward to seeing you soon in the Foyer!

Président : Nathan CORDELLE - 06 22 45 08 82

INTERACT is the association which welcomes international students and helps facilitate their integration on the KEDGE Marseille campus. The members organise different events (freshers’ weekend, evening activities, sporting and nautical activities, etc.) to help international students integrate while discovering French culture and that of Marseille. INTERACT supports almost 1,000 students a year, from around fifty different nationalities.

Thanks to its committees and projects, this association also enables kedgers to discover different international cultures through the organisation of events (language classes, trips), cultural features (meals, food tasting, dance classes) or evening events including our not-to-be-missed “Appart-A-Trip”.

INTERACT also provides advice to students looking to attend a partner university ( and informs them about careers abroad thanks to an international seminar with high quality speakers.

INTERACT facilitates your discovery of the international environment, raises awareness of different cultures and opens doors for you thanks to its ever-expanding international network, enabling you to forge unique links with people from all over the world.

Last but not least, INTERACT organises the summer school which welcomes around 180 international students every year and is also a leader in the following projects: Chinese Connection, Easy Exchange, Kedg'Israel.

President: Heloise LE GOUILL - 06 79 02 60 37

A real showcase for the Marseille campus, a team of motivated students participates in the school's communication strategy to unite people through clothing and printed products.

"Managed as a real company, Kallistos is centred around two main activities:

  • The school's official shop: we offer all types of products designed especially for Kedgers, and which bear the KEDGE Business School logo. From design to marketing, we manage all the necessary steps to put the products on sale in the shop: caps, laptop sleeves, T-shirts, swimming shorts, etc.
  • The central purchasing office: Kallistos provides apparel for associations, projects, and commissions. Every association needs personalised clothing or goodies, and the central purchasing office is there for just! But we also work with companies, festivals, and other external clients, and offer competitive prices after working upstream with our suppliers".

Kallistos - Key data: Annual turnover of 105,000 euros, more than 130 orders per year. All managed by 28 students divided into 5 teams: communication/creation/events, partnerships, store, internal procurement centre and external procurement centre. 

Président : Oriana EL MOUTAMID - 06 11 85 52 43

Founded in 1969, Marketing Méditerranée is the most highly decorated Junior-Entreprise in France and Europe and operates as a consultancy and research firm.

Key accounts, small and medium-size businesses, public organisations and entrepreneurs use our services to support them with their projects and to help them expand. 

As a multidisciplinary firm, we see innovation as a priority and are firmly committed to quality.

Our three Core Businesses are:

  • Strategic support
  • Market research
  • Communication

Major groups such as Airbus, BCG, Suez, Haribo or Dior put their trust in us, but also start-ups like Breathe-Up which we supported at the CES in Las Vegas.

Président : Elodie GAUTIER - 07 87 98 58 84

Since 1996, ACCEDE has been dedicated to providing advice on business creation to increase employment in the PACA region. ACCEDE is the entrepreneurial association of KEDGE Marseille.

ACCEDE Provence Entrepreneurs is the entrepreneurial association of KEDGE Marseille. Our activities promote entrepreneurship in the southern region and, more broadly, in North Africa. We do this through our: 

Consulting division. We support around thirty start-ups and entrepreneurs each year by offering them tailor-made consultancy services at very attractive rates. We mainly offer market studies, business plans, and setting benchmarks.
Events division. We organise four editions of the Phare de l'Entrepreneuriat in France and abroad - Marseille, Tunisia, Morocco, and Senegal. The first Euro-Mediterranean business creation competition has more than 100,000€ in funding. It brings together the entrepreneurial ecosystem through trade forums, conferences, pitching competitions, and hackathons.

Le Phare de l'Entrepreneuriat - 11 March2021

Le Phare for Entrepreneurship is the first Euro-Mediterranean business creation competition which rewards five finalists (out of 200 candidates) with combined grants of over 100,000€. But the Phare more than a competition. First and foremost, it’s a series of activities centred around the theme of entrepreneurship and innovation, including conferences, round tables, animated stands, and a hackathon that takes place over a day-and-a-half.

The objective is to promote entrepreneurship and job creation in the PACA (Provence, Alpes, Cote d'Azure) region.

In figures, the Phare represents: 
- More than 150 projects rewarded since 1998;
- More than 100,000€ in grants to be awarded;
- More than 2,000 visitors in 2020.

Président : Héloise MONTABRUN - 06 43 19 53 38

ACTION GRAND SUD offers its customers direct marketing services such as street-marketing, product demonstrations, and host/hostess services.

For more than 20 years, it has worked with major corporations such as Google, Microsoft, and L'Oréal, as well as with local SMEs, and it has achieved a turnover of 315,000 €.

Président : Margaux PERREIN - 06 21 67 19 02

Linkedge Evènementiel, a student association of KEDGE Business School, has two missions:

  • To connect students and leaders through sporting and cultural events (such as Euromed's Cup regatta, tennis competitions, golf, conferences, etc.).
  • To offer companies event and digital solutions through our Community Management and Event Agency services. 

Président : Maxime Leclerc - 06 83 56 69 09

Founded in 1948, AIESEC is the world’s largest student organisation. It has more than 70,000 members, offices in 126 countries and an alumni network of a million people including Bill Clinton and Helmut Kohl.

AIESEC’s core activity involves proposing internships abroad for students to boost their skills, their education and their leadership abilities. AIESEC seeks out and proposes enriching and valuable experiences internationally for students all over the world, whether in companies, start-ups or NGOs.

AIESEC KEDGE Marseille is one of the 850 international branches. We handle the task of finding internships in the region for foreign students or internships abroad for students from the Bouches du Rhône region. We supervise the whole process of finding an internship with the student, from the initial request  to their departure to the foreign country. Thanks to their contacts with professionals, international relations and physical proximity, AIESEC enables you to build up a wide variety of skills, to gain valuable professional abilities and to benefit from an extensive international network.

When you join AIESEC you’re making a conscious choice to work with the whole world and to come into contact with students and professionals from all backgrounds. It also helps develop a love of travel, enabling students to change, to evolve and to become new leaders throughout the world.

Président :  Victor ANDRE - 06 71 19 47 11

Founded in 1989, COBFI Bourse – Finance is the finance association for KEDGE  Marseille campus. Certified as a “High quality association” by PwC and ranked as the best financial association by the DogFinance financial network, the COBFI helps raise students’ awareness of the world of finance. (financial and stock market activities, audits). 

Several projects are currently being developed: 

  • The Finance Trade Fair: Whether you’re looking for an internship or are simply curious, the company’s forum will help you take advantage of the opportunities available in this field. Our training in Trading and our Special Guest will provide you with a fascinating insight into life in Wall Street. We look forward to seeing you on 24 January 2019!
  • The trip to London: All aboard for a trip to London with the COBFI! Come and visit the premises of companies operating in the financial sector and spend four days exploring London.
  • Investment clubs: Our team manages the investment clubs, a group of students gaining experience of the financial markets. To assist them, a monthly newsletter is published and training is provided with Reuters (stock market information software).
  • The Trading Challenge, a two-week stock market competition on the four campuses of the Ecricome group.
  • MicroMed: MicroMed is the support programme for emerging companies, designed to support their growth and development. We propose micro-loans for them, ranging from €1000 to €3000 on average, at a zero interest rate, repayable over one year. In addition to these micro-loans, we provide advice in areas such as law, marketing, communication and finance.

Président : Nathan GORNY - 06 38 04 84 31

Each year, the association publishes a free guide to the best addresses in Marseille. 
Ranging from famous restaurants to trendy shops and stylish bars, this booklet lists all the “must-see” establishments in Marseille.
The Crazy City, the English equivalent of Le Citadingue, also enables foreign tourists to get the most of the best deals in Marseille.
Today, digital technology has become a fundamental aspect of Citadingue’s long-term development. For this reason, we are working to transform our guide thanks to an application and a website.
80,000 copies are published of Le Citadingue and 15,000 of The Crazy City.

Président : Maximilien LE BIGOT -

  • ​​​
  • Bacchus is the school’s wine association. Each year, we organise various events such as conferences, tasting sessions within the school, after work events or visits to wine-producing estates with our different partners. The aim is to train students in the art of tasting and to help them discover the fascinating world of wines and spirits.

In addition to these fairly regular events, Bacchus is also well-known for these unique projects: La Récolte K, and the Paca Wine Trip.

  • La Récolte K (The K Harvest): Bacchus has its own vineyards. Including picking the grapes, fermentation and bottling, the association’s members follow all stages needed in order to obtain the Récolte K, a wine produced by and for Kedgers.
  • The Paca Wine Trip: or the Wine Rally, is the Bacchus association’s main showcase event. For the last 4 years, students have spent a weekend discovering the vineyards and plots around the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur region. The association successfully combines professionalism and fun thanks to a great team spirit. Through all their events, the Bacchus team pass on their key values: sharing and conviviality. Suchellos is the Bacchus association’s beer committee, which provides an opportunity to discover the world of beer.

Président : Marie CHARBONNEL -

Lumin’Arts is KEDGE’s artistic, events and cultural association. In its capacity as the school’s Arts Office, its key aim is to promote art and culture to students but also to the residents of the city of Marseille and the wider region.
It raises awareness among students of art in all its forms (dance, music, theatre, etc.), but also of our cultural heritage sites (Marseille’s operas, concert halls, etc.). This includes the organisation of several concerts, festivals and other events throughout the year.
The association proposes a number of services on a daily basis, such as reduced price admissions to shows in Marseille and one-off activities throughout the year:

  • Festival Calligrafit (graffiti)
  • Festival Etang d’arts (multi-artistic)
  • Festival Des Calanques et des Bulles (cartoons)
  • Sup de Star,
  • Sup d’Impro,
  • Le Trophée des arts,
  • Le festival du rire (comedy festival)…

Président : Juliette HACQUARD - 06 33 40 25 17 

MedinMode is an event association focused on the fashion and luxury market. Our goal is to promote the fashion universe within the school and in Marseille. 
The association is divided in different sections: 

  • Event section which organizes the events of the association, for example “Générations Mode” a contest for young fashion designers, the Citadium privates sales and the fashion day at school
  • Beauty section in charge of the beauty boxes with their launch afterwork and of the wellness days.
  • Communication section which creates all our communication supports (flyers, posters…), manages our social networks (@MedinMode on Instagram and Facebook) and the blog.
  • Creation section which creates outfits for the “Trophées de la mode” (fashion design contest between business schools), makes some DIY and sewing workshops.

Partnership section responsible of our current partnerships (Galeries Lafayette, Citadium, Auchan…) and which approaches new partners (products donations or financial donations).

Président :  Rania AIT HAMOUDI -

Clepsydre is KEDGE Business School’s non-partisan students’ and citizens’ forum. It has two objectives: Promoting debate within the school and raising student awareness of the importance of citizenship and of the major global societal and economic challenges of tomorrow.

In addition to the conferences organised each year, Clepsydre runs:

  • An oratory competition for students combining solidarity and expertise, in addition to training in oratory skills for students.
  • A topical debate programme on the school’s webradio Dynam’hit each week.
  • A major inter-association cultural quiz on the Marseille campus
  • Debates on topical themes at Le Foyer between students and a specialist in the field.

Conferences organised for outside companies.

Président : Théo GEANDREAU - 06 95 20 86 46

SimONU is the school’s Geopolitical association; we organise and participate in Simulations of U.N. General Assembly meetings in France and abroad. These simulations are exciting role-playing events during which we play the role of diplomats, representing a country and attempting to negotiate solutions to major international problems. We participate in the prestigious MUN (Model of United Nations) in Prague, where 200 participants negotiate, but also in the United States, in Washington DC (800 participants) and in New-York at the UN headquarters (5,000 participants).

SimONU also forms an important link with the business world via its Corporate Services, with our aim being to expand the association through the sale of corporate services related to our acquired know-how. We are also in contact with some outstanding partners including Air France or Rotary International.

Additionally, we organise major events for students of preparatory classes (SimONU Prépa: 250 participants) or for young secondary/high school students from Marseille’s deprived areas (SimONU Egalité des Chances: 150 participants). 

Come along and join a great team!

Président : Elie CHANARD - 06 29 70 08 12

Diambars Med is a branch of the Diambars Institute, a training centre in Senegal which trains sportsmen but above all men.

“Using a passion for sport as a driving force for education”

In Marseille, Diambars Med implements socio-educational projects with young people from working-class areas. All of these projects are focused on sport and its accompanying values. They provide an opportunity for young people to meet local sports celebrities. Via the interviews they film, youngsters share special moments with the celebrities and become active players in their own learning process.

Diambars Med brings education to Marseille’s youngsters via sport and its values.

Président : Gonzague CARNOIS - 06 38 28 87 69

Phoenix seeks to promote equal opportunities by supporting young secondary high school students whose social environment does not predispose them to educational success, via four fields:

  • Educational tutoring sessions,
  • Cultural awareness (topical debates, trips, travel, etc.),
  • Careers guidance assistance (meetings with professionals, the student careers show, etc.)
  • Help with personal development.

The association supports more than 250 young people, from year seven to sixth form (sixth to twelfth grade) in all of Marseille’s districts and at the Olympique de Marseille training centre.

Président : Anaïs GOUVERNEL - 06 28 67 65 63


Unis-Terre is Kedge's association committed to humanitarian and sustainable development, it leads actions in favour of a more responsible and united development on 4 continents: Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Through specific actions or flagship events, Unis Terre provides support and assistance through partnerships and local associations, but it also makes students aware of the different themes it represents: social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, childhood, solidaritý, legalitý gender, disability. 

The 16 projects of this association are divided into 3 poles: 

I Childhood: This pole has two objectives, the first is to promote education with the aim of offering a better education to those who do not have the chance to follow a quality training. The second objective is to share is ensuring the well-being of children who encounter difficulties in their lives by trying to brighten both their daily lives and their future. 7 Unis-Terre’s projects are part of the children's pole.

  • Project Vi is an international solidarity project in Benin. This project is in partnership with the association "Un partage, un sourire, un bonheur" and sponsors a village in the north-west of the country: Taneka-Koko.
  • COMEDOR is an international solidarity project working for the human and social development of the children of Corrientes, in the North East of Argentina.
  • Kids Solidarity is a solidarity project that aims to improve the schooling conditions of disadvantaged children in Manila, Philippines.
  • YEGA is an international solidarity project aimed at improving access to education in Cameroon since 2011.
  • The Children of Asia project works in collaboration with the Disabled and Helpless Children's New life Centre in Kathmandu.
  • Boud'Choumins is a project that supports hospitalized children by visiting them at the Timone hospital.
  • Happy days - parenthesis 

II Changing societal behaviour: The objective of this pole is to support and raise awareness and is composed of two major axes with, first, the provision of support to people who need it, followed by awareness-raising to raise awareness of as many of the societal issues around them as possible.

3 of our projects are part of the company division

  • Elle&co is a commission committed to the fight against breast cancer.
  • Ethica is a commission charged with promoting responsible consumption by organizing various events such as after works, the Fair(e) zone or the tour de France of producers.
  • Fenêtre sur Cours is a project that works to raise awareness and help people in the prison world.
  • Hand in Hand sensitizes students and companies to disability through the organization of disability sports activities.

IIIEnterprise: This cluster brings together two objectives; the first objective is to co-develop with the aim of supporting projects that are in favour of a sustainable production method to best guarantee their success. The second objective is undertaken to develop with the objective of helping those who do not have the means, the goal is to promote the integration and autonomy of people through their professional activities.

5 Unis-Terre’s projects are focused on this theme

  • Reads is a project run by students of the KEDGE Marseille business school since 2013 which aims to support women entrepreneurship in Senegal.
  • Enactus Kedge Marseille is a project that aims to promote social entrepreneurial action.
  • RESOURCE is a project which aims to help organisations (companies, associations) to integrate a responsible approach into their strategy.
  • The Cañon project aims to promote the social entrepreneurship and know-how of Bolivian women in Tupiza, France.
  • Tudo Bem is an international project going to Brazil to meet UMRio/ONERio members and inhabitants of the Morro do Castro favela.

Président : Hannah MIARA - 06 69 20 21 64 

Mars’Eyes Communication is Kedge Business School’s communication agency on the Marseille campus. Its expertise is focused on 3 areas: - video coverage: aftermovies, corporate films, advertising spots - photo coverage: corporate photos, photos for real estate and CVs, event coverage - graphics / digital: graphics, web support, community management. Since 2003, the association has accepted audiovisual production assignments from companies, public institutions, associations and students.

From the initial definition of requirements to the implementation of the projects, Mars’Eyes Communication proposes tailored solutions, adapted to the organisation concerned.

Président : Hadrien RICARD - 06 23 47 58 27

Dynam’hit is the associations’ webradio/magazine for Kedge BS - Marseille Campus
We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on a worldwide basis. Founded in 2003, Dynam'hit is an alternative, offbeat media outlet characterised by its curiosity and its openness to the world. Its musical broadcast schedule is both rich and varied.
Our different programmes, which are broadcast live and streamed on our website and on our mobile app, in addition to our weekly articles, will help you discover the news, upcoming artists, top musical picks and events organised by and for students.
Its team comprised of more than 20 enthusiastic members invites you to take part in the programmes, to present your projects and ideas.
Dynam’hit also organises events on the Kedge campus and off-site: interviews, evening events during which our DJs handle the mixing, concerts, show-cases…and much more!

Président : Dimitri PHEZ - 06 19 51 97 11

Are you interested in the latest technology news? Do you have a passion for digital marketing or e-commerce? Are the social networks of absolute “must” for you?

If so, you’ve found the association you need! You’re welcome at Technom’Aide, the digital technology association on KEDGE’s Marseille campus. 

Our objective at the school is to make students aware of the many digital resources which have now become vital when it comes to increasing employability, helping them seize the opportunities presented by digital technology when developing association-related or professional projects and finally to assist them with their day-to-day needs. 

Technom’Aide is an association organised around two main areas of activity which are student services and events, with the result being numerous projects organised throughout the year: 


We can help you improve your skills by offering you the possibility to obtain training in the software suites (Office, Adobe) with which you will need to be fully familiar for your internships and your future career. Whatever your level, Excel and Photoshop will no longer be a mystery to you. If you want to get to know this software like the back of your hand, there’s no better way to achieve this than joining this group. 


For the last 2 years, Technom’Aide has organised its Digital Day, the leading student digital fair in France. This is a day during which conferences and workshops with companies and professionals are proposed to students to make them aware of the issue of digital technology within companies. This year, digital marketing was in the spotlight, in addition to conference themes ranging from community management to influence marketing or artificial intelligence.


To help students looking to start businesses and professionals, we propose the creation of websites and mobile applications at attractive prices. We are also in charge of managing the associations’ recruitment system and the voting system for the candidate lists for the Student Office elections. Joining this group provides an opportunity to learn to use tools and resources which are extremely popular in companies, such as WordPress for example, as well as having the privilege of being the first to know the results from the Student Office voting lists. 


To help students with their day-to-day hassles, the association can repair your computers and iPhone screens.

We also give you the possibility to have your posters printed in large sizes (from A2 to super A0) using our plotter 

By joining this association, you will significantly improve your employability. You’ll learn more about the digital sector, something which will be useful to you regardless of the career you intend to pursue. Because everything is set to go digital: You should definitely consider it! The association is open to all. You don’t need to be a genius with WordPress because you’ll learn everything you need with us and at the end of the year you’ll have gained a number of valuable extra skills. Are you motivated? Then come and join us! 

Welcome to the team!

Président : Paul FOURNIER - 06 43 74 72 06

Almost 200 students work on the Sports Office’s different projects and committees to make sport a central aspect of life at Kedge.

It seeks to promote sport in the school by proposing services for all students. Thanks to its expansion, the association’s core business today focuses on three major themes:

  • Sports management
  • The Kedger community
  • Events. 

The Kedge Marseille Sports Office is responsible for all sporting activities on the Marseille campus, whether in the sports hall, at the city stadium or in the dance hall. It handles the task of finding the infrastructure its sports teams need in order to train. Throughout the year, the Sports Office supports its ladies’ and men’s handball, rugby, volleyball, football, basketball, futsal and tennis teams in various competitions including the University championship, the Coupe de France des ESC (French business schools’ cup) and the Ecricome Challenge.

The Sports Office runs 6 projects:

  • The Team Challenge Marseille handles the task of taking the Marseille delegation comprised of 200 sports people and 200 supporters to the Ecricome challenge, to fly the flag for the Marseille campus and bring home the sports trophy and the “atmosphere trophy” in competition with Bordeaux, Rouen and Reims.
  • Les Voiles de Kedge (Kedge Sails) train all year round with trips out to sea to participate and succeed in the CCE (Course Croisière Edhec - Edhec Cruise Race).
  • The Ski Club organises the Semineige event in January and works to take 200 people from Marseille sking for a week and to ensure that the school gets the most from a great trip away together to a winter sports resort.
  • The South Wind Days are a weekend dedicated to surfing sports and beach sports. They organise an event at Point Rouge with several activities including stand up paddling, or introductions to windsurfing and beach rugby, soccer and volleyball.
  • The Urban Water Contest is involved with everything closely or loosely related to extreme sports in the school. It includes urban sports (BMX and Skating) and watersports (Surfing, Kitesurfing & wakeboarding)
  • Massilia Shoot Out is the pétanque project, and organises several competitions throughout the year in the Panier district. These competitions are very typical of Marseille’s culture and are very warm and friendly events. 

The Sports Office is also comprised of 8 committees which are Raid it, GDA, Les Cagolettes, Balle de Match, Kedge Fighter, Cruzy Med, Horse & Co and the Coupe de France de Natation des ESC (French business schools’ swimming cup).