Pedagogy Be-U

Be-U is a personal and professional guidance scheme offered by Kedge. It is centred around 3 aspects: Being (learning to understand yourself in order to create a life plan that is right for you), living (internships, in-house projects, rotational work-study programmes, and Pro-Act training programmes which offer experience in enterprise), and becoming (developing a plan in both a professional and personal sense throughout your student life).


The main aim of Be-U is to guide students in developing their skills and making themselves more employable. 

The scheme helps every student to:

  • better understand their own personality, motivations, skills, and the labour market
  • develop their skills according to their career plan
  • take responsibility for the choices they make during their course, and their activities (Pro-Acts, internships, projects, etc.)
  • leave school with personal and professional plans which are both well thought-out and realistic

This comprehensive scheme is an obligatory requirement, and all French and international students must take part in order to receive their qualification. 


The Be-U educational scheme has 3 channels:

  • The Careers Centre
  • Learning By Doing
  • Programmes

Each of these channels plays a specific role in guiding students.

The scheme is supported by online tools which allow students to build their own Be-U course.

The Be-U Road book is a thoroughly comprehensive evaluation, with which the student:

  • learns to assess their own managerial skills
  • has these same skills assessed by their internship or apprenticeship supervisors, Pro-Act tutor, and an examining board during a Be-U oral exam, therefore realising their increased value
  • establishes a plan of action for progression
  • learns to review experiences
  • learns which arguments to use to convince potential employers

Student can find all the necessary information on the 3 channels, coaching, internships, Pro-Acts, and the jobboard on The Be-U website.

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