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Andrea Thorpe is Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Strategy at KEDGE Business School. She holds a PhD and an MBA from Aston Business School in the UK, and her international experience is reflected in her particular interest in international students, online pedagogy, and the process of internationalization of business schools in Europe.  Andrea’s current research interests lie in the interface between the natural world, and management and organizations. She currently teaches in the broad areas of strategy and entrepreneurship.     

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    FIGGE, F., A.THORPE, "The symbiotic rebound effect in the circular economy", Ecological Economics, 2019, vol. 163, pp. 61-69 2019 Journal article
    THORPE, A., S.ROPER, "The ethics of gamification in a marketing context", Journal of Business Ethics, 2019, vol. 155, no. 2, pp. 597-609 2019 Journal article
    FIGGE, F., A.THORPE, P.GIVRY, L.CANNING, E.FRANKLIN-JOHNSON, "Longevity and Circularity as Indicators of Eco-Efficient Resource Use in the Circular Economy", Ecological Economics, 2018, vol. 150, pp. 297-306 2018 Journal article
    THORPE, A., F.FIGGE, "Climate change and globalisation as ‘Double Exposure’: Implications for policy development", Environmental Science & Policy, 2018, vol. 90, pp. 54-64 2018 Journal article
    FIGGE, F., P.GIVRY, L.CANNING, E.FRANKLIN-JOHNSON, A.THORPE, "Eco-efficiency of Virgin Resources: A Measure at the Interface Between Micro and Macro Levels", Ecological Economics, 2017, vol. 138, pp. 12-21 2017 Journal article


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    The eco-efficiency of virgin resources Frank FIGGE Philippe GIVRY Louise CANNING Elizabeth FRANKLIN-JOHNSON Expert’s view
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