Wellbeing at work


Wellbeing in the workplaceThe chair for "Wellbeing at Work" is financed over a  3-year period by the Caisse d’Epargne Provence-Alpes-Corse (CEPAC), which sought a high-quality partnership with KEDGE to expand on the topic of wellbeing at work through research and practice.  Healthy, comfortable and safe spaces are productive and happy places.

From the outset, it was apparent that CEPAC and KEDGE shared strong values :








Collectivity & Sharing





A double ambition

  • Work together in order to create a common base of knowledge allowing for fast improvement of wellbeing in the office for collaborators/ employees not only in the educational and research establishments but in any other businesses.  
  • Become a place for innovation and proposals in the field of managerial practice.

The chair's actions surround 4 main axis:

Researches related to its ambitions.

  • New managerial practices: post-modernism, vulnerabilities, new collectives etc.
  • Health (mental and physical) and quality of life at work (use of ergonomic equipment: keyboards, chairs, desks for example in order to be sitting in the safest position with back support to allow for good posture and limit back pains).

Creation of a Think Tank bringing together companies to collaborate on the subject of well-being at work.

  • In autumn 2016, workshops were organised on the Luminy campus, in collaboration with the Think Tank Fabrique Spinoza, within the framework of the ELAB project (Elaborons Aujourd'hui l'Entreprise de Demain - Let's develop tomorrow's company today). The topic being the impact of employees wellbeing on companies' economic performance or productivity with a particular focus on health (mental and physical) at work.

Educational innovation in the programmes offered by KEDGE.

  • In 2016, a group of KEDGE students took part in the annual appraisal process in companies. Even though companies promote collaborative practices essential to their performance, it was found that this is rarely taken into account during employees yearly appraisals.
  • A major survey was launched in 2017 by KEDGE student and graduate community in order to analyse and understand the vision younger generations have of work and well-being in their future professional environment.

A seminar presenting all chair's work was organised in June 2017

Key figures


the year the chair was founded



€ 280K

invested since its creation

A study was carried out by the Chair in 2016 and 4 KEDGE students on the 'Annual Evaluation Interview' for a large bank. The study was transcribed during the open day on 'New Managerial Practices' in 2016 in the Parisian premised of the school.

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