What is the daily routine of a business engineer ?

The typical day of a business engineer in a company varies according to his specific responsibilities and sector of activity. However, here is an idea of how a business engineer's day-to-day work is carried out.


How does a typical day start for a business engineer? 

Organising the day and managing priorities

A business engineer's day involves a number of missions that are as complex as they are strategic and diversified. The business engineer must ensure that he organises his time in the best possible way and that his priorities - and those of his teams - are ranked in the right order! After checking his e-mails, the business engineer will often spend a few minutes planning and drawing up a to-do list to be completed during the day ahead.

Analysing the client's needs

The business engineer must be able to focus and fully examine future decisions. To this end, he devotes time to a thorough analysis of the customer's needs and the steps to be taken. In order to propose suitable solutions, the business engineer has to regularly carry out market analysis and feasibility studies so that the strategic importance and cost of projects can be assessed as accurately as possible.

Preparing and developing business proposals

Once the needs have been analysed prior to the submission of projects, the business engineer can focus on designing cutting-edge solutions for potential clients. Working with the technical and commercial teams (project management, production, financial services, etc.), he coordinates responses to calls for tender and validates commercial proposals.

How does a business engineer's day go on?

Meeting clients and key players in a market

Whether at a business lunch, a scheduled meeting (in person or remotely) or at an event, the business engineer is expected to interact with clients or prospects to promote the company and its expertise, to analyse their needs and challenges and to provide solutions in response to calls for tender. The business engineer can thus answer the client's questions on complex projects and negotiate the terms of the contract once the commercial proposal has been accepted.

However, the role of the business engineer is not limited to managing client relationships, he must also ensure that a professional network is established with key players in a market so that projects can be identified, prospective partners qualified, and recommendations (prescriptions) can be obtained.

Making internal meetings with the technical staff

The daily tasks of the business engineer include in-house coordination. In liaison with the company's various stakeholders, he supervises and ensures the proper implementation of projects. The business engineer negotiates with his management the projects on which the company wishes to bid, the internal resources to mobilise and the bidding strategy to adopt. This is also the time to review the feasibility, technical details and progress of ongoing projects with the operational teams. On this occasion, the business engineer listens carefully and collects the needs and suggestions of the people in the field.

Taking a step back, documenting projects and keeping an eye on technology

At the end of the day, the business engineer may take a step back to complete a call for tenders... or simply assess the progress of the projects. In this way, he develops a comprehensive and clear vision of the priorities to be addressed in the short and medium term. This quieter moment also gives him time to document the projects (reporting, follow-up, roadmap, etc.). Finally, as they constantly update their knowledge of new technologies, current regulations and market trends, business engineers regularly monitor technological developments.

Agile and responsive, the business engineer can also maintain focus. His managerial and technological skills enable him to manage complex projects in a constantly changing competitive environment. 

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