KEDGE to become an examination centre for AMF professional certification

Introduced on 1 July 2010 by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the AMF certification is compulsory to work in certain investment and financial services. As of 2022, KEDGE will be offering all its students the opportunity to take this certification on the Marseille campus.

What is the AMF?

The AMF, or Autorité des marchés financiers, is an independent French public body responsible for "protecting savings invested in financial products, informing investors and ensuring the proper functioning of markets", and its missions are evolving to adapt to the French, European and global economic context. In 2022, governance will address the problems arising from Brexit and its consequences, the investment of private individuals, and the new challenges of sustainable finance...

Since 2022, KEDGE Marseille campus is recognised as an examination centre for AMF certification. Starting next June, thanks to this partnership with Bärchen.F.Lefebvre, all KEDGE students will be eligible to take this certification at preferential conditions on the Marseille and Bordeaux campuses.

Why take the AMF certification?

This exam is mandatory for certain finance and investment professions:

Financial services providers
- Salespeople
- Managers
- financial instrument clearing managers
- post-trade managers

Investment services providers
- Financial instrument traders
- financial instrument clearing houses
- financial analysts
- compliance officers for investment services
This certification is also aimed at all persons working as financial investment advisors, with the power to manage or administer the legal entity authorised as a financial investment advisor, persons providing investment advice through the legal entity authorised as a financial investment advisor, etc.
AMF certification confirms that financial professionals are familiar with the international and European standards to which they must adhere when carrying out their duties. It therefore proves that they are able to make better decisions for their clients. This certification also gives an added value to their educational background.

The AMF certification exam

The AMF certification is a two-hour exam made up of a single test consisting of 115 questions on 12 different topics. The questions are divided into two categories: A and C. Category A covers essential knowledge related to the finance sector, while category C focuses on financial culture and more technical matters.
Students must achieve a score of over 80% on the questions in both categories to obtain certification.
KEDGE offers to take this certification in English or in French. Once obtained, it is valid for life.

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Working in finance after KEDGE

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