Open Innovation Challenge 2021: Great success for the students of the Master Innovation Transformation Entrepreneurship le 06/05/2021

In the same line as the M1 students of the Specialised Masters and Master of Science in March, the M2 students of the MSc Innovation, Transformation & Entrepreneurship took up the challenges of the Open Innovation Challenge, which was held in April 2021.

Open Innovation Challenge: The 7th edition hits its stride

For the 7th consecutive edition of this innovation challenge, the students of the MSc Innovation, Transformation & Entrepreneurship proposed solutions to meet the specific needs of 2 companies.  They then presented their project to a jury of professionals.

They successfully met the expectations of VALEO and TAIGA Motors for this Open Innovation Challenge around several issues:


The mission of VALEO, a leading international automotive supplier, was to expand its market for interior detection by bringing more intelligence, especially artificial intelligence, to driver monitoring systems in the 4.0 car. For this case, the jury was composed of :

  • Fabienne Masson - Research & Innovation Project Manager
  • Stéphane Dutré - Intuitive Controls Marketing Director
  • Benoist Fleury - Product Marketing and Communication Director
  • Paul Gimet - Director of the MSc ITE Programme
  • Claude Spano - Innovation Director
  • Lysiane Canton - Professor and coach of the mission

The team composed of Clémence Tilly, Paul Weill, Amélie Famin, Lim Jordan, Hugo Burnouf focused on the penetration of the Chinese, Japanese, American and European markets. They proposed several innovative strategic alternatives, which were warmly welcomed by the jury, who considered that the students had far exceeded the company's expectations.


The second assignment was proposed by TAIGA MOTORS, a Canadian company specialising in high-performance electric batteries. Valued at 537 million dollars, it successfully went public via Canacord SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) to raise just over 100 million dollars. The international company's challenge: To penetrate the European market with two innovative products: Electric Jet Ski and Electric Snowmobile. Students submitted their project on Friday 30 April to the jury composed of :

  • Jacques Demont - CCO Taiga Motors
  • Paul Gimet - Director of the MSc ITE Programme
  • Claude Spano - Director of Innovation
  • Fabrice Montezin - Speaker specialising in innovation

During the oral presentation, the team of Madeleine Cornut, Emma Maury, Mouhamed Seck, Thibault Ricciardi and Paul Brakett showed great professionalism in front of the jury, which praised their in-depth work.

For the students taking part in the challenge, it is a professional experience that provides an opportunity to put into practice what they have learned during the year and to add value to their path.



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