5 practical tips for a successful admission to KEDGE Business School

Have you decided to apply to a KEDGE programme based on your academic record ? Would you like some advice on how to best prepare your application? We can help you with the process.

How to succeed in your admission to KEDGE Business School?

To begin your application, you must first create an online account on the join.kedge.edu application site. Once you have chosen your programme, all you have to do is follow our 5 tips for a successful admission!
1#Your application is your image
This will be the first image we get of you ! Your application will be studied in detail by the admissions team and the jury. It is important that you have a good grasp of the essential information on your chosen programme (courses taught, strengths, skills developed), its opportunities and the school in order to communicate this in your answers to the motivation questions.

You should also be able to project yourself into the programme, to explain the reasons for your choice of programme, and to specify your professional project. The motivational questions are important, and you should take the time to fill them in concisely and accurately. This is an excellent exercise before the selection interview that awaits you if your application is accepted.
2#Punctuality is key
Kedge interview panel will appreciate your punctuality and your level of preparation. Remember to check your Internet connection, and to be in a quiet, well-lit place to have an interview in the best possible conditions.
3#Stay natural
Be as natural as possible and show your motivation as simply as possible. The Kedge interview panel will be looking to reveal your personality and know your deepest motivation.
4#Be patient
In order to ensure quality recruitment, we take particular care in evaluating all applications, both academically and professionally. We are committed to responding to you as soon as possible, depending on the time of year, to satisfy you and to support you in your study project.
5#... and reactive
If you are admitted and as soon as we receive your application form, KEDGE will be at your service to finalize your enrolment as soon as possible to secure your place in the next class !

Do you still have questions?

We invite you to watch our video admissions procedure based on your application file or our webinar on application assistance for KEDGE's specialised programmes.

We also invite you to contact our programme advisors for further information. You can watch our video admissions procedure based on applications or our webinar on application assistance for KEDGE's specialised programmes.

We also invite you to get in touch with our programme advisors to go further (validate your orientation, choice of training, find out more about the school, work-study programmes, internships, partner companies, etc.). You can also attend our online webinars with graduates and students from the programme, who will share their experiences at the school, their opinions on the programme, the courses they received and their internships.

Admission based on academic records: 

We invite you to consult the application procedure, which differs from the competitive admission procedure.


  • International BBA in 3rd year - Marseille campus. This programme is accessible to international students and admission is based on academic record.
  • Kedge Bachelor in 3rd year - Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon, Avignon, Bayonne, Bastia and Dakar campuses. This programme is open to international exchange students and admission is based on an academic record.


Available from Bachelor's level onwards and taught full-time on our Bordeaux, Marseille and Paris campuses, KEDGE's specialised Masters of Science are state-of-the-art degrees that will boost your employability and make you an expert in your field:


 The school's Wine & Spirits expertise is available through 2 international programmes on Bordeaux and Paris campuses, with courses given on a full-time basis:

International candidates can also apply for work-study programmes under certain conditions. Please refer directly to the admission pages of the programmes concerned.