Look back on the first KEDGE Marketing Day

The KEDGE Marketing Day is an event that brings together members of the KEDGE marketing community to discuss new marketing approaches. During the first meeting, alumni, professors/researchers, students and partner companies discussed customer experience from a digital perspective.

How to reinvent the customer experience in the digital and social media era?

During the first KEDGE Marketing Day, the participants discovered and debated over new perspectives, new approaches and new concepts in this field with a diverse group of experts (StratNX, Twitch, Sociovision, ...). They participated in different round-table discussions:

  • ROUND TABLE 1: Reinventing the customer experience in the digital and social media era

-Alexia Borg, TV Presenter, BFM Business
-Michel Ladet, Vice President, Sociovision
-Jérome Hiquet, CEO, StratNXT
-Melissa Simoni, Sales Director France & Benelux, Twitch

Naturally, the metaverse has been the subject of much discussion. It is a real ecosystem with crypto-currencies and blockchain, promising new methods and new concepts, especially through the BtoA (Business to Avatar). Indeed, the consumer can display multiple identities through their avatars, live different lives without any physical constraints. This is an opportunity for brands to offer their consumers different worlds and settings. Besides, that means inventing new approaches and new tools in order to get to know, understand and interact with the multiple identities of the same individual.

  • ROUND TABLE 2: How to create innovative experiences?

-Alexia Borg, TV Presenter, BFM Business
-Bertrand Wolf, CEO, Antilogy
-Olivia Petit, Research Professor, KEDGE Business School
-Matthieu Pellet, Retail Partner, Les Cousins

The participants of this discussion were fascinated by the emerging trends in shopping and retail. In particular, they mentioned ultra-practicality as a key driver to develop customer loyalty (the importance of the last mile, the emergence of hybrid shopping, frictionless customer experience), "alt-commerce" development (live and social commerce, communication opportunities of live streaming, sustainable commerce), the new role of the shop (immersive experience, dynamic stock management, etc.), the convergence of retail, advertisement and media, and the emergence of "Customer engagement 3.0" (components linked to the metaverse, NFT, Meta-commerce, etc.).

  • ROUND TABLE 3: How to interact with consumer communities?

-Prof. Nicolas Buttafoghi, Director of Msc Digital Marketing & Sales, KEDGE Business School
-Prof. Bernard Cova, Research Professor, KEDGE Business School
-Jérôme Dauby , Senior Territory Manager, Go Pro France
-Nicolas Rinaudo, Founder and CEO, La Caméra Embarquée
-Francois Tarrou, Marketing, Communication & Competition Director, Yamaha Motor France

The relationship between brands and consumer communities was discussed in this round-table conference. With help of Go Pro and Yamaha leaders, Professor Bernard Cova presented the different strategies: stimulating an existing fan base of the brand, targeting enthusiasts of a sport or cultural activity, or creating a community around a start-up brand. All participants highlighted the emotional aspect of sharing, the key role of rituals, the mutual obligation to help each other and a sense of community.

  • ROUND TABLE 4: How to use the data to optimise the customer experience and stimulate business growth?

-Prof. Gregory Bressolles, Director of Msc Marketing Digital & Data, KEDGE Business School
-Dominique Blanc, Global VP of Customer Success, Ask Locala
-Maxime Doreau, Director General (DG), France Labelium
-Philippe Omer-Decugis, Head of Business France, Content Square
-Lorraine Faure, Operational Chief Marketing Officer, Veepee
-Marie Seignol de Swarte, Responsable Marketing, Meltwater

To optimise the customer experience by using data, a number of ideas were presented by managers from France Labelium, Ask Locala, Content Square, Meltwater and Veepee such as personalisation, "seamless" customer experience, social listening, changes in the regulations and strategies of the main players, challenges linked to experiments in the meta-verse, etc.

In addition to the round-table discussions, the participants attended various workshops:

  • Innovative solutions: Social Listening (Meltwater), CRM tools associated with customer segmentation (Sociovision), Retail Analytics (Ask Locala), Web Analytics and examples of customer data platforms (CDP) to facilitate customer data management and processing (M13h).  Essential tools to analyse a customer catchment area, manage multi-channel campaigns and customer interactions in real time.
  • KEDGE Biometric Lab: an experimental space designed to collect biometric data in order to analyse the processes of attention, memorisation and decision-making in order to better understand consumer behaviour.
  • Immersion experience: immersion into a luxury brand environment through Virtual Reality (VR). The participants were both impressed and surprised by this collective multi-sensory and social experience, combining interactions, meetings, gaming and consumption (Antilogy).

Results of the first KEDGE Marketing Day

Finally, the prize for the best marketing video was awarded to the students of the MSc Digital Marketing & Sales programme for their work on the "Paradox of Digital Innovation". The video illustrates digital innovations and changes in human behaviour that can help to meet the challenges of climate change. Congratulations to the team composed of Maxim Bernard, Alexandre Ducos, Helena Yung , Hugues Georges Picot, Paul Fournier, Thiven Nguyen and Lisa Roux.

The event was an occasion for all the students to meet and communicate with alumni, research professors and leaders of partner businesses. It also contributed to building their networks and introducing them to innovative tools.

The second KEDGE Marketing Day will be held on April 4, 2023 in Paris.

KEDGE Business School's International Marketing programmes

KEDGE Business School offers 2 programmes to master up-to-date operational marketing skills and expertise that meet the needs of companies in the sector. These programmes guarantee a high level of employability as they provide students with professional know-how, cutting-edge academic expertise and a solid network of partner companies.

  • Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing: The Marketing jobs and competencies are continually evolving. KEDGE Business School's MSc Marketing programme has been designed to meet these new needs. The professors from the Marketing Centre of Excellence, the most prestigious research centre in Europe, are permanently colloborating with businesses in France and abroad. In this way, they contribute to the progress of marketing knowledge and practices and involve students in their research. The objective is to provide future graduates with the expertise they need to take up management job positions in international marketing.
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Digital Marketing & Sales: Digital technology has a strong impact on the whole society. It transforms the old practices of businesses, administrations and users. New jobs and new approaches have appeared, which created a skills gap in the market and a real need for training managers in these fields. In this changing environment, it is more than necessary to be able to adapt to current business issues. The objective of KEDGE Marseille's MSc Digital Marketing & Sales programme is to train multi-skilled professionals by means of a cross-disciplinary approach. It is based on 4 major pillars: strategy, technology, design and digital marketing.
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