KEDGE's programmes train future Tech managers with Le Wagon

Since late 2018, KEDGE students have been able to access the Le Wagon teaching method, one of the best coding schools in Europe. They become familiar with Data Science and learn to code, build web applications and collaborate with developers. Already a pioneer in CSR and personal and professional development, KEDGE has included this partnership with Le Wagon in its innovative positioning strategy.

KEDGE's Marketing MScs integrate a digital offer via Le Wagon

  • Launched in September 2018, KEDGE's MSc Digital Marketing & Sales trains multi-skilled professionals in digital thanks to a transversal vision based on 4 pillars: strategy, technique, design and digital marketing. Throughout the course, the 40 students of the MSc follow different programmes of Le Wagon to improve their technical skills: 3 days of bootcamp around the prototyping of a web product idea, 5 days of introduction to web development around a project to build a landing page. Each year, 9 Master students have the opportunity to join the FullStack programme of Le Wagon during 9 weeks in Marseille.
  • KEDGE's Marketing MSc gives access to 80% of the marketing professions, with a "fil rouge company partnership" in each of the business options and/or sectors. Students are supervised by Le Wagon to discover the technical tools to be used to develop their marketing strategy, the means to develop tests of their projects, and the HTML and CSS code to design a web page. 4 students will have the opportunity to join the FullStack programme at Le Wagon for 9 weeks in Bordeaux.

Students from these 2 MScs who participate in the FullStack du Wagon programme can obtain a double degree by combining the title of "Web Application Designer-Developer" from Le Wagon (RNCP level 2) with the KEDGE MSc degree.

In addition, the students of these 2 MScs have access to other modules to acquire key digital skills (Excel, Microsoft tools, IT skills, graphic creation, UX design...).

Data Science, a key competence for graduates

Data science covers the analysis and interpretation of complex digital data. It may concern a website, an application, a system or a software programme, all with one aim: making decisions based on information. To meet the growing demand from recruiters for these occupations, KEDGE and Le Wagon are jointly offering a "Certificate in Data Science" training course delivered over three months with 30 hours of online instruction in total autonomy. From the data scientist's toolbox in Python to the complete implementation of a Machine Learning model in production, this training introduces students to Data Science. They will be able to develop their data culture and benefit from a recognition valued by the job market.

This training is currently offered to students in:

Le Wagon, an outstanding partner

Le Wagon is a web development school offering a complete range of training courses from product design (user experience and web application prototyping) to web development (front end, backend languages, and building web applications from scratch). This expert programme designed by specialist professors provides all the skills and tools to become a developer, product manager or creator of your own startup. With a presence in 45 countries and more than 2,400 applications developed, it is a reference training programme worldwide. With this partnership, KEDGE students are trained to design, code and put online a website, and then to integrate different services into it.

A strategic choice to train future managers in the world of Tech

Acculturation to the world of Tech will allow KEDGE students to understand, imagine and implement the transformation of business models and contribute to the transformation of society. This partnership thus gives future managers the technical skills to accompany the digital transformation of companies and take part in the growth of technology startups. In an increasingly digitalized world, the combination of KEDGE's management training and Le Wagon's technical training provides a dual skill that is highly sought-after on the job market. These core technical skills also offer autonomy in project management and a vision that is crucial for accessing many professional opportunities.

Blending in skills, this training illustrates KEDGE's specialised programmes principle of learning-by-doing pedagogy.

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