Arts & Creative Industries Management

A unique higher education programme dedicated to French Arts & Creative Industries Management


The program is managed by the Creative Industries & Culture Research Center. Its mission is to produce and share knowledge about the management of creative industries and culture. 15 researchers are involved in the center, publishing about 30 articles in the field each year.

Main research topics:
- Strategic management of cultu¬ral and creative organizations;
- Marketing and Consumer Behavior in arts, culture and creative industries;
- Creative careers;
- Design management;
- Creative regions, Creative tourism;
- Organizational creativity, liberated companies;
- Social innovation.


Anne GOMBAULT - Management
Director of the Creative Industries Culture Research Center
Arts, Heritage, Creative Industries

Jean-Yves AGARD - Sociology
Tourism, Creative territories, Identity

Oihab ALLAL-CHÉRIF - Operations Management and Information Systems
Games, Digital industries

Aurélien DECAMPS - Economics
Creative Regions, Sustainable development

Maud DERBAIX - Marketing
Cultural consumer behavior, Music

Florine LIVAT-PÉCHEUX - Economics
Wine & Gastronomy, Celebrities

Materials, Nature

Diego RINALLO - Marketing
Consumer Culture, Fashion, Spirituality

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