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Accounting, Finance, Economics

Accounting, Finance, Economics Department

Kedge Business School's Accounting, Finance and Economy department has 29 lecturers who teach at the Bordeaux and Marseilles campuses.

Students wishing to enter into Finance by completing a Bachelor or Master's degree have access to a vast array of courses on a variety of subjects like international finance, corporate finance, financial markets, asset management, banking, financial ethics, microfinance and other models of responsible finance.

These courses lead to jobs in companies, banks and other financial institutions that are actively involved in social missions.

In Economy, students learn the traditional tools while expanding their knowledge using new ways of thinking to analyse market operations, consumer and producer behaviour, economic policies, contemporary and international problems, cultural and urban economics and social and solidarity economics. Our teaching staff strive to provide students with a thorough overview, leading them towards cutting-edge innovations in economic and financial thinking and towards business models.

Director: Armand Bajard

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