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Innovation  Impact


  • Survey / Carbon Accounting in higher education

The survey conducted by the Carbon Footprint Association (ABC), "Carbon accounting in higher education: What are the challenges for courses and students?" was an opportunity for the students who have completed the Carbon footprint ® taught by Anicia Jaegler, to be involved in this study which took place between 2014 and 2019.

  • PhD:  Atat Yehia Mostepha obtained her PhD in Marketing under the supervision of Nacima Ourahmoune, on Octobre 2, 2020

The title of the thesis: "Collaborative Consumption: Insights from the Egyptian context on a Media Sharing Phenomenon".
The comity:
Frederic Prevot, President of the Committee (Head of research center Marketing et nouvelle consummation, represents the Dean) ;
Soren Askegaard, External examiner (Professor University of Southern Denmark, President of the Consumer Culture Theory consortium -CCTc) ;
Maud Herbert, External examiner (Professor Université Lille 2, directeur du centre de recherche CCT) ;
Aurélie Dehling (Head of marketing dept Kedge bs) ; 
Nacima Ourahmoune (Supervisor). 

  • ISMQ : the new EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model

The Specialized Masters in Quality Management (ISMQ) from KEDGE and its partners, AFNOR and AFQP Aquitaine, organized a conference on February 10 on the KEDGE Bordeaux campus to present the new EFQM model to companies in the region, as well as the levers for progress and transformation it offers them (130 participants).

The Specialized Masters in Quality Management (ISMQ) wins first place in the Eduniversal 2020 ranking of the best Specialized Masters in Quality.

  • The Sulitest

As co-founder of the Sulitest, Aurélien Décamps (Member of the CSR Centre of Excellence) works with external stakeholders to co-create specific Sulitest modules to foster sustainability / CSR learning – for examples: Module on SDG framework and SDG7 Module (Affordable and Clean Energy) with UN DESA; SDG11 Module on waste management and SDG12 Module on Circular Economy with UN Environment; Module on Rebalancing Society by Henry Mintzberg in collaboration with Kedge – McGill – UNGC PRME.

Through his work on the Sulitest, Aurélien Décamps has also contributed to the AACSB Responsible Management Education Affinity Group.

Aurélien Décamps’ work on the Sulitest has meant that the test is now a focal point for the integration of the Sustainability Literacy Test as a graduation requirement in all programs at Kedge: ensuring that every students at Kedge acquire sustainability literacy in every program and setting-up a process to monitor progress connecting with pedagogy. Aurélien also works towards Assisting Kedge faculty members in developing their own Sulitest module to connect their expertise / major to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 5 Modules to date : Finance Reconsidered (C. Revelli), Global Sustainable Supply Chain (A. Jaegler), Sustainable Design (S. Paixao-Barradas), Social Entrepreneurship (G. Cajaiba-Santana), Responsible Entrepreneurship (X. Hollandts).

With Laurent Fédi (Member of the CESIT Centre of Excellence), creation of the first version of the Maritime Sulitest with Msc International Trade and Logistics students (Automn 2019). ITL students drafted a questionnaire of 20 questions on CSR in shipping. This questionnaire was defended in front of KEDGE CSR Department and Surfrider association in December 2019. The aim of this questionnaire is to test the awareness and knowledge on maritime CSR of future ITL students and employees/managers of shipping companies. This first version will be improved this year with the new intake of ITL students.

To allow our students to develop skills as close as possible to practitioners from the field of the sector and also to be inspired by the creativity, the career and the vision of certain recognized actors, a Master class format is proposed to the students of the MSc ARTS. Following guest of this year :

Bertrand Burgalat is a French producer, musician, composer and singer. He has worked on nearly 200 records, composed for Marc Lavoine, arranged Supergrass and remixed Depeche Mode.

Valli, a singer and host of French radio and television. She was a member of the group Chagrin d'amour ;

Mickael Gachet, member of music group “Bengale” and artistic director of Label Volumes Records ;

Jeremie Lippmann, French actor and director for Cinema, TV and Theater. Students were invited to see its last theater play “Rouge” ;

Gaspard Gantzer, senior official and politician specialized in crisis communication. From 2014 to 2017, he was advisor in charge of press relations and head of the communication department at the French Presidency, reporting to François Hollande. He did a specific focus on the Covid crisis during an online session ;

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, French Fashion designer, fashion photographer and art collector, artistic director of Le Coq Sportif and Bennetton.

  • Sustainable Development Goals

With the blessings of SDSN France, Kedge is launching a label process for integration of the UN SDGs into economics courses’ syllabi.

This effort is spearheaded by Laurence Le Poder (SEEFAR Centre member). The first year economics course in the PGE program has been validated and has received that label.

  • Corporate governance and food systems

Xavier Hollandts publishes opinions about the French agricultural sector, the largest in the European Union, in various media outlets on a regular basis. Xavier’s area of expertise ranges from the governance of agri-food cooperatives to the economics of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). In January 2020, his paper (with Bertrand Valiorgue, professor of Strategy and Corporate Governance, Université Clermont Auvergne ), about corruption practices within one of the world’s largest farm subsidy system (CAP) in The Conversation has reached more than 145 000 views and was shared more than 84 000 times on social media. Xavier’s opinions have received substantial coverage from popular Medias in France (e.g. Le Monde, Les Echos, La Tribune, RFI), abroad (RTS, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, etc.) and in specialized media outlets (La France Agricole, Terre Net, Agro-Distribution among others).

More information

  • KEDGE cafeteria and restaurant

A group of students from the MSc in Global Supply Chain Management Master program have been working during academic year 2017-2018 on a project in close collaboration with the manager of the school restaurant (Eurest). The goal of this project was to estimate a model to predict the demand for our restaurant located on the Bordeaux campus. The previous forecasting method was ‘empirical’ and based on the number of students present in the school essentially. The utility of predictions ignoring factors such as the seasonality of our academic activities (e.g. exam period), the weather (rain and temperatures), day of the month (usually students spend more at the beginning of the month), was limited and a better knowledge of the underlying demand mechanisms we needed.

Using various sophisticated forecasting methods, a group of five students along with their supervisors (Mohamed Zied Babai and Olivier Gergaud) estimated several time series models that helped the manager improve her forecasts. The manager now uses one of these models on an everyday basis. The adoption of these new management techniques helped us optimize the catering process at KEDGE. In particular, it contributed to decrease both food waste and waiting time. It improved the quality of service overall as organizing every day’s schedule became easier based on more accurate estimates of the number of eating customers. We plan to get in touch with the top management of Eurest in the near future to share with them the results of this fruitful local experience and negotiate an ambitious partnership that would concern all of their corporate restaurants.

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