Finance reconsidered: SEEFAR


The SEEFAR (Shift for Ecology, Economics, Finance and Accounting Research) centre aims at developing alternative solutions and tools to promote sustainable economic, financial, and accounting models and transform the public debate  and educational content on these topics . The centre is led by Professor Christophe Faugère.

Research axes

Sustainable economic, financial, and accounting models 

  • Financial and business models for the next generation, analysis, and design: ESG scores, fintech, crowdfunding, blockchain and holochain technologies, digital currencies, ICOs, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • Economic models for the next generation: E. Ostrom commons, the digital giving economy, the human-centred economy, the circular & solidarity economy, the blue economy, accounting for constraints related to the ecological transition, etc.
  • Economies in Asia, Africa, and other emerging areas. Alternative financial systems: microfinance, etc.
  • Green financing, human, social, and natural capital accounting or human capabilities accounting. Integrated reporting.   

Next-generation governance, risk, and insurance    

  • Risk and insurance (behavioural risks, managing systemic risk, financial institution risk, etc.)
  • Industrial and organisational risks and assessing the quality of processes
  • New models of governance 
  • Legal frameworks for adapted financial reforms.

Ontology and critical appraisal  

  • Ontology and critical appraisal of scientific fields: finance, economic science, accounting, etc.
  • Epistemology and critical & constructive research into existing business models
  • Ethics and awareness as well as 'enlightened’ behaviour in finance, political economics, and accounting.




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