International Business



The Research Centre in International Business is run by Dorra Yahiaoui, Senior Professor at KEDGE.

It aims to promote the understanding and development of knowledge, policies, and practices on international management, cross-cultural management, international entrepreneurship, geopolitics, and world economy macro-issues in order to help companies to achieve their international business strategy.

These themes draw on strong faculty capabilities and connections with practitioners across a range of disciplines, addressed through 2 labs that feature specific faculty expertise.

The research centre in IB leverages its strengths in a top program of Master in IB and international MBA but also on research collaboration with colleagues belonging to Kedge international campuses (France, Dakar, Abidjan, Shanghai and Suzhou) and worldwide partners’ universities.

Research Domains

Lab 1 : “International management and MNEs” Alfredo Jiménez, Full professor in IB.

The goal of the “International management and MNEs” lab, as part of the International Business Excellence Center, is to create and disseminate knowledge related to internationalization and its implications for multiple Multinational Enterprise´s stakeholders.

By focusing on aspects related to cross-cultural management, institutional environment, expatriation, Global Virtual Teams, International Human Resource Management, linguistics, and headquarters-subsidiaries relationships, among others, we aim to provide value for students, practitioners, and companies who want to prepare for our contemporary international challenges.

Our multidisciplinary work across disciplines and methodologies, as well as our links with other researchers and businesses across the world, allows a comprehensive and up-to-date coverage and analysis of topics valuable for those who want to understand better the intricacies of International Business. 

Lab 2: “Geopolitics, international strategy, and world economy macro issues“, Sajjad Jasimuddin, senior professor

Businesses operate in a constantly changing world. In the post-Covid-19 pandemic, the change has accelerated not only because of the way the pandemic has impacted the world economy, but also because of the significant transformations and tensions taking place in the international system.

The Geopolitics, international strategy and world economy macro-issues Lab, as a component of the International Business Excellence Center, aims at providing stakeholders with the required theoretical tools to comprehend the global environment of business.

The objective of the Lab is to serve as an information center for students, practitioners, and faculty members, with knowledge regarding global issues, including regional conflicts, wars, great power rivalries, climate change and its impact, terrorism, political risk, illegal migration, and refugees, among others.

Through seminars, lectures, policy briefs, group discussions, exchanges with international faculty, and cooperation with think thanks around the globe, the Lab disseminates informed knowledge about most global issues that inevitably impact both international and domestic businesses.