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Research center - Marketing

The Marketing Center of Excellence focuses on the one hand on organizations and markets, and on the other hand on consumers and consumption.

Directed by Prof. Frédéric Prévot, the Marketing Center of Excellence focuses on the one hand on organizations and markets (Business-to-Business Marketing, B2B), and on the other hand on consumers and consumption (Business to Consumer Marketing, B2C). For the last three years, major emphasis has been placed on the following areas from a research and development perspective, namely within the B2B field a focus on Purchasing and Market Studies, and within the B2C field a focus on Branding, Consumer Culture Theory, Customer Relationship Marketing, Digital Marketing, Entertainment, and Innovations in Services. This has enabled a collective research approach with significant output and impact. As per today, a team of 35 researchers are involved in multiple projects, with genuine ongoing improvement in terms of research output, and spin-off in terms of pedagogical and industry impact.

Several members of this Center of Excellence are researchers with worldwide recognition, as demonstrated by their editorial activities and editorial board memberships in highly recognized journals (e.g., Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences; Consumption Markets & Culture; Industrial Marketing Management; Journal of Brand Management; Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing; Journal of Business Research; Journal of Marketing Management; Journal of Product and Brand Management; Journal of Services Marketing; Recherches et Applications en Marketing; Management International) as well as their recent publications. 

Team Members

Noël AlbertBernard CovaGregorio FuschilloMickaël KorchiaNacima Ourahmoune
Boris BartikowskiFlorence Crespin-MazetCédric GhettyAnnie Lapert-MunosOlivia Petit
Dominique BillonSimona D'AntoneKarine Goglio-PrimardThierry LoreyStéphanie Petzold Dumeynieux
Grégory BressollesJean-Philippe DangladeAleksej HeinzeRenaud LunardoDiego Rinallo
Louise CanningAurélie DehlingDennis HerhausenVirginie MailleRobert Spencer
Alexandra CoustonMaud DerbaixJonas HolmqvistLionel Maltese

Key figures


articles refereed - 2014/16


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CNRS awards

Recent publications

  • Bartikowski, B., M. Laroche, A. Jamal and Z. Yang (2018). The Type-of-Internet-Access Digital Divide and the Well-Being of Ethnic Minority and Majority Consumers: A Multi-Country Investigation. Journal of Business Research, 82, 373–380
  • Peñaloza, L. (2018). Ethnic Marketing Practice and Research at the Intersection of Social and Market Development: A macro study of the past and present, with a look to the future. Journal of Business Research, 82, January, 273-280
  • Cova, B. (2017). La vie sociale des marques. Caen : Editions EMS, août, 195 p., ISBN-10: 237687050X
  • Dessart, L. (2017). Social media engagement: a model of antecedents and relational outcomes, Journal of Marketing Management, 33 (5-6), June, 375-399
  • Bartikowski, B., Taieb, B., and Chandon, J. L. (2016): Targeting without alienating on the internet: ethnic majority and minority consumers. Journal of Business Research, 69(3), 1082–1089
  • Dessart, L., Veloutsou, C., and Morgan-Thomas, A. (2016). Capturing consumer engagement: duality, dimensionality and measurement. Journal of Marketing Management, 32(5-6), 399-426
  • Cova, B., Pace, S. and Skalen, P. (2015): Marketing with Working Consumers: The Case of a Carmaker and its Brand Community, Organization, 22 (5), 682-701.
  • Holmqvist, J. and Lunardo, R. (2015). The Impact of an Exciting Store Environment on Consumer Pleasure and Shopping Behavior, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32 (1), 117-119
  • Leek, S. Canning, L.E., and Houghton, D. (2016): Revisiting the task media fit model in the era of Web 2.0: Twitter use and interaction in the healthcare sector, Industrial Marketing Management, 54, 25-32
  • Cova, B., Pardo, C., Salle, R., and Spencer, R. (2015): Normal vs. Spectacular Science. Industrial Marketing Management, 49, 80-83
  • D’Antone, S., Santos, J., (2016). When Purchasing Professional Services Supports Innovation. Industrial Marketing Management, 58, 172-186
  • Rinallo, D., Basuroy, S., Wu, R., and Jeon, H. J. (2013): The Media and their Advertisers: Exploring Ethical Dilemmas in Product Coverage Decisions. Journal of Business Ethics, 114(3), 425-441
  • Ashraf, N., Meschi, P. X., and Spencer, R. (2014): Alliance Network Position, Embeddedness and Effects on the Carbon Performance of Firms in Emerging Economies. Organization & Environment, 27(1), 65-84
  • Chaney, D., Lunardo, R. and Bressolles, G. (2016): Making the Store a Place of Learning: The Effects of In-store Educational Activities on Retailer Legitimacy and Shopping Intentions, Journal of Business Research, 69, 5886-5893
  • Bressolles, G.,Durrieu, F. and Deans K. (2015). An Examination of the Online Service-Profit Chain. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 43, 8, 727-751

Major conferences and seminars 

  • 2016: 11th Consumer Culture Theory Conference, University of Lille.
  • 2015: KCO Symposium (“Communities of Practice and Networks of Practice in Organizations and Smart Cities”), Kedge Business School, Toulon.
  • 2015: Interpretive Consumer Research Workshop; University of Edinburgh Business School.
  • 2014: Industrial Marketing and Purchasing (IMP) conference, Kedge Business School, Bordeaux.

Research Networks and invited scholars

Members of the Marketing Center of Excellence are involved in various research networks and projects (formalized partnerships with other institutions). These involve:  

  • Knowledge Communities Observatory (KCO): Led by Professor K. Goglio-Primard, KCO focuses on the acceleration of innovation by knowledge communities in innovative organizations and creative territories. Several symposiums and research seminars have been organized since 2015 in collaboration with academic and industry partners.
  • Sport and Event Management Group: This group of renowned researchers focuses on leisure marketing, celebrity marketing and branding in relation to sport events. Their research is conducted in close collaboration with Sports and Media companies (e.g., Open13, Open de Nice Côte d’Azur) as well as their sponsors (e.g., BNP Paribas).
  • Case Lab: The Case Lab is a formal entity, run by Professor D. Castagnoni. It aims at encouraging and structuring the writing of marketing case studies, amongst others, in collaboration with corporate partners.
  • Effects of Digitization on Societal Functioning and Economic Development. A research network involving partners from six institutions from Canada and the US. A joint research grant application (265,000 $ CAN) has been deposited at Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Project leader at Kedge BS is Professor B. Bartikowski.
  • International Center of Research in Marketing (ICREM): This research network emerged of late. It is led by Professor G. Fuschillo in collaboration with the University of Naples. ICREM aims to promote, sustain, and coordinate research and studies in related to Consumer Culture Theory and Services Marketing.
  • Customer Relationship Management Group: This research network emerged of late. It is led by Professor B. Bartikowski in collaboration with Aston Business School. Researchers from both school have declared their willingness to join forces for creating a common research agenda, common educational programs, and fundraising from the retail industry.

Members of the Marketing Center of Excellence have invited worldwide renewed scholars who gave research talks at Kedge BS and enabled opportunities for network collaborations. These include, amongst other:

  • May 2015: M. Cleveland (University of Western Ontario): “Publishing in the International Marketing Review.”
  • June 2015: A. Diamantopoulos (University of Vienna): “How to Get Published in International Journals: The (Bumpy) Road to (Possible) Success.”
  • June 2015: G. Fitzsimons, T. Chartrand, and M. Platt (all from Duke University): A series of research talks on “Cutting Edge Research in Branding.”
  • October 2015: M. Holmlund (Hanken School of Economics): “Relationship Marketing and Changing Practices in Banking.”
  • December 2015: J. Schouten (Aalto University School of Business): “The Ethnography in Consumer Research.”
  • June 2016: H. Evanschitzky (Aston Business School): “Customer Inspiration Conceptualization, Scale Development, and Validation.”
  • June 2016: J. Lee (Korea University Business School): Purchase behavior of gambling tickets in Korea.
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