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Operations management and information system-MOSI

The Operations Management and Information Systems Academic Department (MOSI) at KEDGE Business School brings together professors from disciplines including procurement management, supply chain management, quality management, and information systems management.

Operations Management and Information Systems department - MOSI 

These disciplines all fall under the umbrella of Supply Chain Management. Professors from the MOSI department provide theoretical and practical teaching designed to provide students with specific knowledge in the fields of purchasing, supply chain, quality and management of information systems, as well as giving them global and cross-disciplinary insight into supply chain management. 

Teaching commitment 

The MOSI department’s teaching project is based on five main pillars: 

  • Interactive teaching, learning by doing and transferring knowledge; 
  • An international and prospective approach to the concepts taught; 
  • The correct balance between theoretical and practical learning; 
  • The correct balance between classes and work outside the classroom; 
  • The correct balance between individual and group work.

Some departmental teaching staff are involved in the Game Lab such as Mehdi Amiri-Aref, Yann Bouchery, Ikram Bououd, Tatiana Bouzdine Chameeva, Anicia Jaegler, Olivier Labarthe, Alexandre Lavissière, Amir Pirayesh, Thierry Roques and Tim White. They use a number of applications and games such as Silog, I-Log, XBeerGame, Fresh connection, Wipsim, Kalypso, Gisel, Woodgame and Keeshirt. They are also involved in the Case Lab: Tatiana Bouzdine Chameeva, Anicia Jaegler, Laurent Fedi, Amir Pirayesh and Tim White. 

For further information about Pedagogy

Professors from the MOSI department mainly teach the following programmes: 

KEDGE Business School is a member of the following networks: 

  • ERCIS (European Research Center for Information Systems) , through the contribution of the Information Systems Management professors – including Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva – to the centre’s European and international success.
  • Portecononomics through the maritime expertise of MOSI department academic staff such as Pierre Cariou and Jason Monios. 
  • Network for Business Sustainability thanks to the Sustainable Supply Chain expertise of teaching staff such as Joerg Hofstetter and Anicia Jaegler. 

Our academic staff 

Most MOSI departmental staff are members of the Centre of excellence in supply chain management - CESIT - managed by MOSI staff member Gautier Stauffer. Some research is also linked to centres of excellence in CSR and Food, Wine and Hospitality

Pedagogy Team


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