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Impact of Marketing research

Directed by Prof. Frédéric Prévot, the Marketing Center of Excellence focuses on the one hand on organizations and markets (Business-to-Business Marketing, B2B), and on the other hand on consumers and consumption (Business to Consumer Marketing, B2C).

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Impact on pedagogy

Research activities performed within the Marketing Center of Excellence translate in pedagogical terms in multiple forms and across the scope of the Centre’s activities. In both, the BtoB and the B2C areas, the research teams actively run and coordinate courses across all programmes. Close cooperation with course organisers ensures that course content is constantly fed and inspired by state-of-the art developments.

At the same time, programmes are tailored around selected themes and faculty strong points. Such is the case for example for the MSc MAI - International Purchasing and Innovation programme, where strong links exist between the programme and the Responsible Purchasing Chair.

This translates in certain cases as active student involvement in research projects. Such an example is the Business as Unusual Chair which gave rise to student participation in a « fellowship » venture, development of case studies based on research data collected, and at the same time specific tracks being developed for the PGE Master programme.

Similarly, the Business in a Connected World Chair has developed a specialized track for students of the PGE program; this track comprises eight specialized elective classes, taught by professionals; students are can also participate to study trips and meet with online giants such as Google, Facebook, SalesForce, Amazon, or LinkedIn.

Another example is research into entertainment and media which constantly nourishes the related parcours of the PGE program, the summer school in sports management, as well as the MSc SPORT programme, which has been classified by Eduniversal to be the best in its field in France, and the fourth-best in the world.

Degree programmes

  • MAI – Innovation & International Purchasing
  • MSc Marketing – Brand, Digital & Business Development
  • MSc International Business
  • MSc Sport – International Sport & Event Management
  • Master in Management - Grande Ecole : Marketing course, Brand & Luxury Management course, Entertainment & Media course, Connected Business course 
  • KEDGE Bachelor's: Marketing, Trade Management Development, and Digital Marketing specialisations
  • EBP International: Marketing specialisation
  • Business Engineer: BtoB Marketing

Impact on networks

Conferences and events

  • 2016: 11th Consumer Culture Theory Conference, University of Lille.
  • 2015: KCO Symposium (“Communities of Practice and Networks of Practice in Organizations and Smart Cities”), Kedge Business School, Toulon.
  • 2015: Interpretive Consumer Research Workshop; University of Edinburgh Business School.
  • 2014: Industrial Marketing and Purchasing (IMP) conference, Kedge Business School, Bordeaux.

Case studies

  1. Airbnb or how to propose a model inspired by collaboration
  2. Botanic® or how to combine high-performance marketing with ecology
  3. Château La Coste or how to combine contemporary art, wine and ecology
  4. The Bonfils Vineyards: Which development model for an independent grower and harvester, among cooperatives?
  5. Crosscall: An original marketing strategy to lead in outdoor telephony (Fr)
  6. Day by Day or how to promote responsible consumption (Fr)
  7. Dolima: Which marketing strategy for a Senegalese brand supported by Danone? (Fr)
  8. Kusmi Tea or how to innovate on the tea market (Fr)
  9. Le Mucem: Creativity to support fundraising (Fr)
  10. Mapaero: From air to wind or how to successfully diversify an SME? (Fr)
  11. A pure player at the crossroads (Fr)
  12. Unikeco or the sustainable solution to disposable products (Fr)
  13. Dinh Van Paris: Investing in a new emerging market 
  14. Made & More: Slow fashion powered by eCommerce 

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